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>>Anonymous  1aug2017(tu)21:09  No.52043  OP  P1
Another reskin by this narcissistic redhead

TF_JG_Final.swf (1.59 MiB)
626x630, Compressed. 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  1aug2017(tu)23:29  No.52052  A  P2R1
anyone know the original creator I'd like to see their other work
>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)00:45  No.52054  B  P3R2
Peachypop's the original creator. This is a reskin of their rosalina titfuck animation.
>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)16:40  No.52087  C  P4R3
>Getting upset at porn of chubby nerd girls with freckles

If it was an OC and not a self insert you'd be all over this, wouldn't you?

>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)17:04  No.52088  D  P5R4
>OC characters aren't just convoluted self-inserts
It's mostly the fact that she's an attention whoring, lardass bitch, profiting on other people's work, like a true stronk induhpaindunt womynz.
>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)23:44  No.52097  E  P6R5
Why do you care so much? It's just porn lol, it's all fucking worthless.
>>Anonymous  3aug2017(th)03:35  No.52104  F  P7R6
you carry that conviction on your shoulder for now, but sooner or later you'll live in the real world and start working, then you'll realize how important money is to the arts

the art of makin' slamming porn

>>Anonymous  3aug2017(th)12:28  No.52121  D  P8R7
Why do you care so much? It's just comments lol, it's all fucking worthless.

Also, you need to go back.

>>Anonymous  3aug2017(th)18:50  No.52139  G  P9R8
Why do you care so much that he cares? It's just replies lol, it's all fucking worthless.

Also, I'd take freckled redheads over autistic pokemon porn everyday.

>>Anonymous  3aug2017(th)19:27  No.52149  D  P10R9
Why do you care so much that I care that he cares? It's just swfchan lol, it's all fucking worthless.

Also, I wasn't arguing about flash theme

>>Anonymous  4aug2017(fr)07:40  No.52165  H  P11R10
what do you guys care if i care if he cares about caring cares
>>Anonymous  4aug2017(fr)23:04  No.52186  I  P12R11
y'all need a hobby
>>Anonymous  5aug2017(sa)15:26  No.52216  G  P13R12
Damn son, why do you think I'm on here.
>>Anonymous  8aug2017(tu)10:36  No.52319  J  P14R13
Don't care what the creator looks like in real life, nor do I care about the occasional ripping off of other artists, I wanna fuck this person's self insert because it's cute.
>>Anonymous  9aug2017(we)06:05  No.52339  K  P15R14
everything's all worthless and we're all nihilistic pieces of trash. now we can stop waving our collective dicks at each other and get back to... waving our literal dicks at ourselves.
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