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>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  28jul2017(fr)23:06  No.51860  OP  P1
EroPharaoh - Skullgirls: On Fours

Commissioned Skullgirls interactive loop, enjoy! :)

EroPharaoh - SkullGirls.swf (11.73 MiB)
800x900, Compressed. 7 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)04:37  No.51872  A  P2R1
Hey, that's pretty good.
>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)04:43  No.51873  B  P3R2
Nice. Is there options for anal or to view the top half of the girls? Or is that all the commissioner wanted?

Also a trivial thing I noticed: I zoomed out and could see the character select reel out of bounds.

>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)04:55  No.51877  C  P4R3
10 out of 10.

Rule34 becomes amazing when the original voices are used.

>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)05:49  No.51881  D  P5R4
Do these things and add a zoomed missionary position on them dude if you get the chance. Skullgirls does not have enough good animated stuff. 10/10
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  29jul2017(sa)06:38  No.51883  OP  P6R5

I REALLY wanted to add anal in this as a bonus, but I was already running ridiculously late with this one. He did specify that he didn't want to see their faces (the HUD was my idea, he said that was okay as long as I put a "hide hud" button). I'm thinking about adding a "front view" option in the distant future, maybe even a split-screen deal where you can see the front and the back at the same time (a zoomed out version would probably just be more trouble). I didn't even notice the border thing - I'm usually pretty good about that! Luckily it's only noticeable if you really squish the screen horizontally!

Just some audio trivia: I used 350 audio clips from the original games, and it's all completely randomized!

Thanks! I definitely want to get back to this when I get the time (won't be for a while, I have a lot more commissions to work on!), but I'll keep all these ideas in mind!

Also just want to say thanks to everyone for understanding what a commission is and how it works - some people seem to think I have complete creative control of commissions...I really wish I had the time to make my projects much bigger and take in more fan suggestions, but I'm still struggling a bit with money and I need to keep getting these commissions done in order to pay all my bills and dig myself out of debt. My Patreon is definitely picking up and helping a lot, so hopefully if that keeps going the way it is, I can focus on much bigger personal projects!

>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)07:29  No.51884  E  P7R6
why would poison need a strapon...
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  29jul2017(sa)07:40  No.51885  OP  P8R7
In the Japanese version, she "tucks" it and in the American version she's post-op trans. (source: lly/) The reasoning may be dumb, but it's arguably canon.

I thought this was a pretty clever cameo choice from wilsonthegreen (the guy who commissioned this) given the options! Or you can look at it this way: if she had a penis and wanted to be viewed as female, wouldn't she possibly tuck her business and use a strap-on to complete the image? ;)

>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)07:42  No.51886  F  P9R8
Poison is a Rorschach test. If you're a faggot, you see a tranny faggot. If you're a normal person, you see a girl.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  29jul2017(sa)08:49  No.51887  OP  P10R9
I don't really have a response to what is clearly a troll trying to trigger jimmies or rustle whatever the kids are rustling these days.
>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)13:02  No.51892  G  P11R10
so many characters but only the ass changed :( im disappointed
but still the content itself is very good
>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)13:17  No.51894  H  P12R11
ah strapons, finally not chicks with dicks
>strapon shoots cum
oh well, still better

great job man!

>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)13:27  No.51897  A  P13R12

Just flip on the futa switch if it bugs you so much.

>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  29jul2017(sa)19:08  No.51902  OP  P14R13
More than the ass changes (literally everything -the back, the legs, the panties, the clothes, the pussy, the butthole, etc..), but sorry you were disappointed!

Haha, thanks! They have strap-ons that squirt, you know. ;)


>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)21:07  No.51905  H  P15R14
damn it, i didnt even see it. of course there's a dickchick option, what was i thinking. well, it's at least off by default!

>Poison is a Rorschach test.
this is actually very well stated, i dont see the trolling at all. it's a funny thing to say but it doesn't make it untrue.

>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)21:10  No.51908  D  P16R15
does eliza taunt you if you hit the cum button early?! holy shit my dick. thats a great touch.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  30jul2017(su)05:51  No.51932  OP  P17R16
They all have a bunch of random things they say, though I don't have anything scripted to happen at specific times. Each time you play it could be something different though, sometimes the top will say something at random at the cum scene, sometimes the bottom will. Same for the post-cum phrase. The intros and moans are also random. I'd like to take credit but that is a happy accident ;)
>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)09:07  No.51949  I  P18R17
The only thing more gay than liking dicks is pretending the dicks aren't there and still liking them you faggots. The fact that you saw all these actual women and still chose Poison makes you a faggot no matter what you two fags try and say to defend yourselves.

At least have the decency to admit you like dicks, instead of trying to jerk off to a man and pretend it's a woman. Then you have the nerve to act like you are the only non-gay ones. Straight men like me wouldn't have picked fucking Poison to begin with. Fucking queer asses.

>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)11:44  No.51952  J  P19R18
Sorry that the internet doesn't adhere to your arbitrary sex standards over pixels on a screen.
Trying to feel elitist over fucking porn flashes, get a life.
>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)15:50  No.51958  K  P20R19
but with what's in it i can't complain because its great, however I still wished it was all up to the face of each character
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  30jul2017(su)19:47  No.51963  OP  P21R20
Yeah, I would've preferred it that way too, but the commission guy specifically didn't want to see their faces (that's why there's a "hide HUD" button - the HUD to show their faces was my idea). I do still like the angle, but expressions are fun too!
Lip-syncing for all the characters would've taken much longer as well.
>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)23:55  No.51975  L  P22R21
>no valentine
>no double

why must you blue ball me like this

>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  31jul2017(mo)00:06  No.51977  OP  P23R22
>>Wilsonthegreen  31jul2017(mo)01:21  No.51979  A  P24R23
Comm man here,

Thought about it but I really wanted to get a lot of the voices in this since most flash games don't and was worried the lip sync would take a long time and cost a lot more. Plus something about using the actual skullgirls game UI is really nice to me.

Didn't like Valentine's audio much so I opted for poison instead and Double was lower on the priority list than the other girls, so limited budget kept her out too. That's why there's no robo fortune either :(

>>Anonymous  31jul2017(mo)14:14  No.51991  M  P25R24
>I commissioned something
>I'm an e-celeb now!
Fuck off, faggot.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  31jul2017(mo)18:29  No.51995  OP  P26R25
...He posted ONE response to people who were questioning his choices. Are you okay? Why are you so angry? Did daddy touch you?
>>Anonymous  31jul2017(mo)19:15  No.51996  M  P27
>defends namefagging commissioner
I wasn't communicating with you, fucking lickspittle.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  31jul2017(mo)20:29  No.51999  OP  P28
Oh sorry, I didn't realize you came into the comments section of my flash just to randomly harass someone involved who was just answering questions (and clearly not acting like an "e-celeb"). Shine on, you crazy diamond.
>>Anonymous  31jul2017(mo)21:13  No.52001  M  P29
Of course you didn't. I don't expect two-dollar whores to be very observant.
Hail Money!
>>Anonymous  31jul2017(mo)21:40  No.52002  D  P30R26
just ignore this faggot and dont respond.
>>Anonymous  31jul2017(mo)21:56  No.52003  H  P31R27
whatever you're smoking I'm willing to try some
>>Anonymous  1aug2017(tu)00:06  No.52004  N  P32R28
Maybe when you get around to adding that anal option you can make a dildo character too. And if you insist on making it unique make the dildo a shapeshifting character.
>>Anonymous  1aug2017(tu)01:11  No.52005  L  P33R29
If Poison's a man, fucking a woman, then isn't that perfectly straight?
>>Anonymous  1aug2017(tu)02:48  No.52009  O  P34R30
Holy fuck yes.
>>Anonymous  1aug2017(tu)09:26  No.52026  P  P35R31
So basically he's still better than you because he's actually getting paid for what he does while you sit here wasting away doing nothing?
>>Anonymous  1aug2017(tu)11:15  No.52027  Q  P36R32
This is fairly good, gotta admit. But, fuck, I don't wanna be the one that's complaining about something, but here it goes - No anal. Shame, but, it's good nonetheless.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  1aug2017(tu)17:37  No.52035  OP  P37R33
Thanks! :) I may add to it in the future!
>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)06:53  No.52067  R  P38R34
Any plans on adding Ms. Fortune to the fucked characters page?
Would like to see that more than anal.
>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)06:54  No.52068  L  P39R35
If you do update it, please please please add Valentine!

Ideally I'd like to see the whole roster in there.

>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)07:49  No.52070  S  P40R36
>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)11:43  No.52076  Q  P41R37
Anyways, I kind of wanna point out how... Well, how much drama was stirred up here. Jesus fuck, Anons went wild for no reason.
"Boo-hoo, someone commissioned something and shares it with us, and it's actually good! BOOO-HOOOOO I MIGHT ASWELL BITCH ABOUT IT!"
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  2aug2017(we)11:55  No.52077  OP  P42R38
LOL. It took me a second, I almost seriously responded because it fit so well.

Can't please everyone! ;) thank you.

>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)15:03  No.52085  B  P43R39
You must be new here. This happens with literally every single post that starts gaining attention.
>>Anonymous  2aug2017(we)16:38  No.52086  T  P44R40
I second the request to add Ms. Fortune to the fucked characters list.

Please I wanna fuck the catgirl ;w;

>>Anonymous  7aug2017(mo)19:23  No.52293  U  P45R41
I'm having issues running the game after I download it. It kinda just gets stuck at the loading screen and doesn't do anything. Is anyone else running into this problem, and if so is there anyway to fix it?
>>Anonymous  7aug2017(mo)19:33  No.52295  V  P46R42
he's right though.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  7aug2017(mo)19:44  No.52297  OP  P47R43
Either right-click->Play, or try opening it in Firefox. Not sure why, but this appears to be some sort of issue the preloader has with Chrome if not embedded onto a page. Alternatively, if you send me an e-mail (eropharaoh at I can forward a version without the preloader. :)
>>Anonymous  7aug2017(mo)20:00  No.52298  U  P48R44
Thank you for answering so soon! I'll send you an email for it now.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  7aug2017(mo)20:11  No.52299  OP  P49R45
No problem, I forgot it was on my Google Drive (I was just going to forward it in the e-mail), so here it is for anyone else using Chrome or experiencing the issue: waExZSWFmMGc

>>Anonymous  7aug2017(mo)20:50  No.52301  W  P50R46
This is great. Thanks for uploading and keep up the great work
>>Anonymous  7aug2017(mo)21:06  No.52302  W  P51
You sound upset. Go take your meds, moron.
Great fap thx again.
>>Anonymous  16aug2017(we)07:04  No.52533  X  P52R47
Don't play skullgirls but getting some hair into the view would be good for the long-haired characters. That is, if you're even going to bother editing it further.
>>Anonymous  17aug2017(th)08:05  No.52550  Y  P53R48
For some reason Filia saying "I'm sorry mom..." after cumming drives me up the wall (in a good way)
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  17aug2017(th)09:35  No.52551  OP  P54R49
Let's pretend the long hair falls over their shoulders, it probably would anyway with such vigorous motion rather than lie across their back. ;)


>>Anonymous  18aug2017(fr)16:44  No.52566  T  P55R50
EP when are you going to make Ms. Fortune fuckable


>>Anonymous  18aug2017(fr)16:44  No.52567  T  P56

EP, When can we fuck Ms. Fortune? Pls I wanna fuck the catgirl ;w;

>>Anonymous  18aug2017(fr)16:46  No.52568  T  P57

Just fuck off swfchan, I made that post yesterday. Did it get stuck in a buffer or something???

>>Anonymous  19aug2017(sa)04:40  No.52581  L  P58R51
When can I have Robo-Fortune fuck Valentine?
>>Anonymous  19aug2017(sa)08:32  No.52586  Z  P59R52
You probably didn't fill out the captcha.
Then you did on the next day and your last post also got posted?
>>Anonymous  19aug2017(sa)09:17  No.52587  T  P60R53

That's exactly what happened. :V

>>Anonymous  19aug2017(sa)17:31  No.52588  AA  P61R54
I don't care about the voices not syncing up, face option would've helped out a lot tbh.
>>EroPharaoh!b8rgIEveP6  19aug2017(sa)17:41  No.52589  OP  P62R55
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