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>>Anonymous  27jul2017(th)21:30  No.51821  OP  P1
PP_KT_34.swf (6.07 MiB)
500x650, Compressed. 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver34, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  27jul2017(th)23:03  No.51823  A  P2R1
Beat me to it. Though you can still exploit people on Patreon who don't charge up front for their content, but I suppose maybe not everyone knows that.
>>Anonymous  28jul2017(fr)04:04  No.51830  B  P3R2
song sauce?
>>Anonymous  28jul2017(fr)10:39  No.51837  C  P4R3
Fuck, this is actually some quality. I really wish good shit wasn't so rare out there, shame it has so little options, no different poses whatsoever.
>>Anonymous  28jul2017(fr)11:19  No.51838  D  P5R4
The actual animation is average, but it's about Kat so that brings it up a few points, because Kat is adorable.
>>Anonymous  28jul2017(fr)21:43  No.51854  E  P6R5
Thats pretty good
>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)03:09  No.51869  F  P7R6
Anyone care to explain for a very non-mainstream consumer what this character is from? Is it Game of Thrones?

The reason Patreon don't hold money in escrow is due to laws concerning money laundry. I don't know much details but as far as I know it's why Patreon is still so exploitable, just thought I'd share some interesting info.

>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)05:00  No.51878  G  P8R7
>>Anonymous  29jul2017(sa)13:20  No.51896  F  P9R8
asshole response but i'll take it
>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)05:20  No.51927  H  P10R9
huhuh nice one dude congrats
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