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>>Dumper  25jul2017(tu)20:45  No.51739  OP  P1
Tifa and Red Titfuck

I once turned one of n0nd3scr1pt's comics into an animation. Now I decided to make my own animation in his style because I liked it so much. Too bad he seems to have rage quit the internet.

The RedXIII was traced from artwork by doctor proxy though.

There's 2 different endings depending on what Tifa's doing.

Tifa_Red2.swf (342.3 KiB)
382x480, Compressed. 7 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Dumper  25jul2017(tu)21:14  No.51744  OP  P2
As suggested I compiled my stuff into a collection: re--726/

>>Anonymous  26jul2017(we)07:23  No.51772  A  P3R1
Bro your stuff is amazing! You need a Hentaifoundry account, furaffinity account, tumblr or something! I love the way you animate.
>>Anonymous  26jul2017(we)16:02  No.51787  B  P4R2
shit is dope, but... dog, man. why?
>>Anonymous  26jul2017(we)16:03  No.51788  B  P5
how to undog?
>>Anonymous  26jul2017(we)20:18  No.51793  C  P6R3
Not allowed you supremacist, nazi, piece of shit.
>>Anonymous  26jul2017(we)20:24  No.51794  D  P7R4
sweet dude!
>>Anonymous  27jul2017(th)07:18  No.51808  E  P8R5
really wish it wasn't dog dick
>>Anonymous  27jul2017(th)09:32  No.51810  F  P9R6
It looks like his dick is on backwards...
>>Anonymous  27jul2017(th)14:01  No.51813  G  P10R7
gj dumper, best idea for alt endings in flash.
>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)00:41  No.51918  H  P11R8
Great flash seriously. I absolutely love both the flashes you've done with tifa, I really hope you do more.
>>Anonymous  3aug2017(th)08:14  No.52115  I  P12R9
Do you have a tumblr or something? I think I saw your vault girl on shadman's website once?

Love your work, dude

>>Dumper  3aug2017(th)13:23  No.52125  OP  P13R10

I have issues

I wasn't too sure at first but ultimately I decided to make it resemble the other comic regardless

No tumblr. The one on shadman is the original. Someone suggested animating it on here: 1797698
and I like animating my favourite pics so.....

>>Anonymous  3aug2017(th)18:59  No.52146  J  P14R11
So you made that Irelia flash, pretty good!
Not a fan of furry, but this is close enough.
>>Anonymous  3aug2017(th)23:59  No.52161  K  P15R12
Could you add a creampie to the betilla flash?
>>Anonymous  4aug2017(fr)23:56  No.52189  L  P16R13
>>Anonymous  11sep2017(mo)23:17  No.53204  M  P17R14
There's no such thing as quitting the internet. People just change their names and occasionally their habits.
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