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>>Ctrl-Z  18jul2017(tu)21:39  No.51424  OP  P1
Shadow Transformed

You are welcome, internet.

Shadow Transformed.swf (29.17 MiB)
1024x768, Compressed. 80 frames, 60 fps (00:01).
Ver14, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)21:50  No.51426  A  P2R1
The Internet says, thanks!

For the laughs!

>that disclaimer

>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)22:01  No.51429  B  P3R2
That scene with rouge on top of shadow is traced from one of Isotonix's works
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)22:01  No.51430  B  P4
Pretty sure that scene with rouge on top of shadow is traced from one of Isotonix's works
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)22:01  No.51431  B  P5
I guess that scene with rouge on top of shadow is inspired by one of Isotonix's works
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)22:03  No.51432  B  P6
Whoops, didn't mean to post all 3 of those, I don't even know how that happened all at the same time
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)22:08  No.51433  C  P7R3
So is this sonic transformed 3? or just a spinoff?
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)22:09  No.51434  D  P8R4
But I like the traps. They're the cutest.
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)22:38  No.51435  E  P9R5
If you click on the ctrl-z on the shadow transformed menu, you can get a couple different bonus scenes. If you click on the doll to the right you get a cream scene, if you click on shadows phone and click on the C app, click on the cartridge, click on the power button, and then enter up down left right A start you get a Zeena scene. And if you click the video app you get a Shadow snapchat scene. (click the X in the lower right corner to go back to the title screen)
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)23:09  No.51436  F  P10R6
I gotta ask, what the fuck is with with porn artists thinking that adding two retards moaning from a shitty porn during a climax scene adds anything to it other than getting to hear two retards moaning?
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)23:09  No.51437  G  P11
Autism is real
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)23:12  No.51438  H  P12R7
I got both cheat codes that are given to you in the game, but on one of the menus, there are some scenes I didn't find in the game. After creaming on Sonic and Tails, is hitting the exclamation point supposed to take you back to the title?
>>Ctrl-Z  18jul2017(tu)23:12  No.51439  OP  P13R8

Audible stimulation. Shit is boring without some sounds. Mute it if you don't like it, idiot.

>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)23:13  No.51440  I  P14R9
it's 3 he linked this on his furaffinity
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)23:27  No.51441  G  P15
>Audio stimulation
Yeah man, man fisting jar of mayo sure turns me on
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)23:39  No.51442  J  P16R10
I can get behind generic sounds but i gotta agree adding real moaning and shit from generic porn videos always comes out like trash. Even with voice acting specifically for a flash or video it can still come out iffy. Maybe next time add more than one mute button so music, sfx, and voice can be muted separately cause I dont mind jell-o fisting or the music but fuck all when theres suddenly a low quality dude bro going HHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)23:49  No.51444  J  P17
I fail to see how this is "inspired" by playshapes and minus8 since its nothing like either of them.
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)23:56  No.51445  K  P18R11
Still trying to figure out what to do to get that scene selection in one of the screenshots.
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)23:59  No.51447  L  P19R12
Click towards the beginning of the playback timer. In other words, set the timer to nearly the beginning of the file.
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)00:08  No.51448  M  P20R13
Bessi the bat fucks her way into something else. How many blowjobs did she give you to get in, Z?
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)00:51  No.51452  N  P21R14

Amy is also in this as well

>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)00:51  No.51453  N  P22

Amy is also in this as well, was thinking the same thing

>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)01:32  No.51457  O  P23R15
Waiting for a version with out the voice clips in the climaxes. Other than that it's mostly alright.
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)03:55  No.51459  P  P24R16
Ain't no party like an S Club party
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)04:52  No.51462  Q  P25R17
How do you actually activate the cheats? I tried everything I could think of to no avail.
>>& Knuckles  19jul2017(we)06:03  No.51468  R  P26R18
Can't get the DL

I try clicking on the link, and even opening it in a new tab...

It just immediately closes that tab, and nothing else happenes

>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)06:13  No.51469  O  P27R19
I see Wave tagged but cannot for the life of me find her. Any ideas?
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)08:45  No.51475  S  P28R20
how the fuck do i get this to scale correctly?
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)08:54  No.51476  T  P29R21
1. What are the codes?

2. Where do I enter them?

>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)11:05  No.51481  U  P30R22
>going through scenes using browser
>find Vanilla's scene
Blackanon, gotta give a 10/10 for this scene, fampai
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)11:44  No.51482  V  P31R23
>sonic transformed 2
>"lolicon is weird and creepy, here's a big tit cream with lines admonishing people who like 'babysitting cream'"
>sonic transformed 3
>"here's a sex scene with loli cream"


>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)12:04  No.51483  W  P32R24
Maybe not full loli but at least a teenager, if it was a loli he wouldn't be able to post the game on FA
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)13:15  No.51485  X  P33R25
>Bemoans degeneracy
>Creates furry sonic porn

Can anyone be any more confused?

>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)15:28  No.51488  Y  P34R26
The irony of that disclaimer.
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)18:21  No.51492  Z  P35R27
>Disclaimer taking the moral high ground despite r63 being just as degenerate as those other things
Loving Every Laugh

Right click, copy link address, paste in url yourself
swfchan has gotten kinda shitty lately if you opt for having any kind of adblocker to fend off its malware.

>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)21:30  No.51496  AA  P36R28
autistic moaning
>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)21:47  No.51497  AB  P37
Double standards and autism go hand in hand.
Also. This fucking autist did a self insert. I guess that's a joke too.
PS: Kill yourself CTRL Z
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)00:43  No.51502  AC  P38R29
I've both peered through the source and played the game as intended, and it looks like the Vanilla scene and the third scene-select code are inaccessible through normal play due to bugs. Can't tell if the other scenes I couldn't find (Son+Shad, Tails Solo, Wave, "What If?", and "Bimbo") are also bugged, or if I'm just missing the trick to find them, though.

...Also, as a note, the codes seem weirdly inconsistent. Sometimes they work flawlessly, sometimes they take two or three entries before they work, and sometimes I have to exit out of the code room entirely because it just refuses to work. Might be related to the fact that the code-entry room has two access points, might just be flash being awful, or it might be me mis-clicking, but figured you'd like to be made aware of it whatever the cause.

>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)01:08  No.51503  M  P39R30

Seems as though some of the codes are just not in the game. Bessi announced the code for her scene "Bimbo" on her page. It's Down, C, Left, Left, Start.

I looked through the game with a standalone flash player and noticed there are two different code entry scenes, one works well and one has bugged buttons. No idea what causes you to get the bugged one, but I get the fine one constantly.

>>Ctrl-Z  20jul2017(th)02:57  No.51508  OP  P40R31

It is not a bug, I double checked to make sure the passwords worked and they do. Some scenes are just intentionally not accessible through cheat codes while many can only be seen through the scene menus. Restart button may not be working correctly but just exit completely and try again from the beginning if you mess up on the code. It is no deal breaker.

>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)05:47  No.51511  AD  P41R32

Clicking ctrl-z takes you to smoking scene. I clicked the sky behind shadow (stars aren't shining is the clue, I believe) to access the genesis / mega drive console. Plugged in ebony and ivory and entered the 'significant word' with the controller and got taken to stage select.

Apparently you can also get there via phone?

>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)06:08  No.51512  AE  P42R33
a slightly less cryptic hint for all those still stumped - a famous magician incantation. good luck.
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)06:50  No.51516  AD  P43R34
Dunno about that one. I was referring to the one you get at the end of the credits. Ends in 'car'.

And apologies if anyone thinks I'm being overly cryptic. I know I dislike spoilers, so just assumed.

Btdubs, think the shadow 3v1 scene is glitched. Deepthrust exclamation mark just jumps to rouge. No payoff.

>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)06:56  No.51517  AB  P44
>Furfag can't code
>Hypocrite supreme
>Autistic self insert
>Bimbofication fetish
>Actually called for help in FA
>Art is still shit
Consider suicide
>>Ctrl-Z  20jul2017(th)07:55  No.51519  OP  P45R35

>Furfag can't code

Not a furry, I only like the smut. Never admitted I could code.

>Hypocrite supreme

Female versions of male characters are not the same thing as futa or herms. One has a vagina the other does not. Disclaimer is to ward request of shit I will never do. Instead it triggers you legitimate faggots and closet faggots, which is fine by me because I like seeing you clowns get upset over something so petty. No reason for a straight person to be bothered by it nor bring it up.

>Autistic self insert

Yeah, a circle with my screen name is truly autistic. Bravo on that one, champ.

>Bimbofication fetish

Facials are my fetish, not bimbos. Even if I was, how is that a bad thing? At least it is hetero unlike the shit you are secretly into.

>Actually called for help in FA

Completely made up.

>Art is still shit

Topping the charts regardless, son.

Consider suicide

I have but I'm well medicated now.

>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)09:29  No.51521  T  P46R36
Seriously, why is everyone being so damn vague with the secrets. I just wanna fap damnit.
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)10:47  No.51523  I  P47R37
calm down hitler nothing wrong with being gay.
Also tag teaming a bitch is pretty gay.

Thanks for all the work tough enjoying the animation for the most part

>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)11:34  No.51525  AF  P48R38
Have to really dig deep through this flash to find a proper creampie right in the pussy. Tails and Wave have 'em, but I never found how to access those scenes in game. Why not the whorehogs and bat tats?
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)11:38  No.51526  AD  P49R39
Also the stupid sonic sing along keeps resetting back to beginning if you fuck up on the third level.
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)12:40  No.51528  AG  P50R40
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)12:40  No.51529  AG  P51
>sound by ctrl-z

I don't think so. Would be nice to put the music sources to non-autists who never played sanic.

>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)14:54  No.51534  AB  P52
>Not a furry guise!
>Admits to fapping to his self insert and sonic faggotry
>Genderbending makes sonic and shadow senpai totally straight!
You fit fine into "denial" category. For a 'totally not a furry' you sure took this personally
The only joke here is you; posting 2007-9 newgrounds tier "art" in year 2017. You're ten years behind your sonic obsessed autists
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)16:44  No.51536  AH  P53R41
>its free
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)17:58  No.51538  A  P54R42
lulz, post evolution
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)18:27  No.51540  AI  P55R43
The art and anatomy in this is cringe-worthy, and Ctrl-Z seems like a really unprofessional whiny cunt.
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)18:50  No.51542  AJ  P56R44
Thanks Ctrl-Z, it's really good
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)18:59  No.51543  AK  P57R45
If Ctrl-Z is still here, keep at it, i like how you draw the girls however the way you draw cum as solid white lines that dont really act like liquid is a little off putting. i mean how it looks like it just solidifies when it contacts the girls.

the amount of content you cram in is great too.

>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)20:17  No.51549  O  P58R46
ALL SCENES UNLOCK : Click 2017 at start > Wait for her to say something > Click black thing in window > Cartridge > Power ON > Controller > ABRightACADownABRightA
>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)21:53  No.51550  H  P59R47
Actually, there's everything wrong with being gay. Your mind has just been gaywashed by the mainstream media to think it's okay.
>>Ctrl-Z  21jul2017(fr)00:49  No.51551  OP  P60R48

I hope most people are realizing this. If I ever do something this big again, y'all are gonna paying me through patreon.

>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)01:09  No.51552  I  P61R49
You are looking at drawn hedgehog porn.

It isn't wrong in the sense that it doesn't really have an effect on your or society in general negative or positive. Unless you decide to make it your business for some reason

>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)03:29  No.51557  AL  P62R50
good luck getting people to pay you for this newgrounds-tier crap

also lol @ making sonic porn but claiming that gays are the bad ones


fuck off back to /pol/, kiddie

>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)04:34  No.51559  AM  P63R51
Everyone in this thread is also suffering from back pain...
>>Cuisine  21jul2017(fr)04:42  No.51560  AN  P64R52
Ctrl... Control yourself, please. Your efforts have been great and a lot of people sharing the same interests will adore it. I personally thank you for doing all these games that I couldn't.

There is a reason why you kept doing all these games and I feel like you're stubbornly trying to push away the fact that you, yourself, might fall in the categories that you shove away and claim to be degenerations. Please regain your sense of self-honesty and retain your composure defending your stance. We would be happy to pay you if you were to come again to provide a game as full and lovingly crafted as this, but please, be honest in what you like doing and like seeing.

>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)05:23  No.51561  V  P65R53
No, one or two will pay and leak it to us. Piracy can not be stopped, bud.
>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)05:43  No.51562  AO  P66R54
Shut-up, faggot.
>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)06:00  No.51563  AF  P67R55
I figure you might want a little criticism that's not just neck yourself furfag.

The Sonic design has improved from before, the giant nose in the old one was really off putting. This one looks more like the Cuisine style Sonikko, it's better.
I remember seeing some old stuff attributed to Ctrl-Z like an Amy flash. I liked that one a lot because of the pose and how it eventually built up to a climax on its own. The anatomy you use has changed since then, but I don't see much wrong with the new curvier style like some other people here. Although because of the poses you've used in most of the scenes this time, the giant tiddy often obscure the face and I've always thought that being able to see the girl's expression in smut is really important. Seeing if they're enjoying themselves or nervous and angry or reacting to a change in pace, it's all really important feedback and if done well can contribute immensely to the experience.
My favorite scene in this one is ironically the hidden Wave one that I guess is a completed version of the teaser released much earlier? I like it the best because it's a press position but you make the dick transparent at times so you can see Wave's expression. It also has a real meaty climax creampie, creampie's being very intimate so it's kind of strange that the scenario has very little talking and is hidden in cheat codes as far as I can tell as I would have expected wombs getting filled to be part of the main scenarios. Sonic's scenario seemed the most intimate I suppose and yet I'm pretty sure you just facial her every time.
The facials take a long time to sit through and are maybe a little overkill with how much coverage you get. I liked it better in the sort of "standalone" bonus where each character had a climax scene usually a combined facial and creampie, but a brief transition would have been nice instead of skipping instantly to covered in and dripping cum. There is a middle ground here.
Anyway everything seems really slow to respond, so I guess the optimization isn't stellar. Poorly optimized flash is pretty par for the course around here though, and this is fairly huge for a flash, it's more like a compilation.
I find it strange that you seem to post most of your stuff directly to swfchan. Is there somewhere you compile your work, maybe under a different name?

>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)08:23  No.51564  Y  P68R56

You specifically furry sonic porn and nothing else.
That makes you an autistic furfag by definition.
Stop denying it you degenerate.

>>Ctrl-Z  21jul2017(fr)08:35  No.51565  OP  P69R57

I honestly don't have any hate for homosexuals or people into things I am not. This place in particular is volatile and I am just having a little fun. Nothing to take seriously here, especially not from greentext spamming meme spouters.


I did not design Shadow Transformed for you specifically nor for anyone else. I put in it things I would like to see. This is the only thing I have posted here. It is other people that post my shit.

>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)09:17  No.51568  AP  P70R58
This place isn't volatile at all, we're all hentai nerds with relatively thick skins. Sure, there will be some eyebrows raised at the sight of stuff like beef curtains, but even that was taken with jest, not outrage.
We're not conservative amish puritans.
We just don't like niggers.
>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)11:13  No.51569  AQ  P71R59

Dude, I've have mad respect for ya and I like your work, but when you're in a sex scene, the forward/back buttons take a bit long to appear, so i get a bit lost, also what happened to button thing of Sonic Transformed 2? the one with the number pads? I find that one better than the foward/back buttons you had, I know you're not the designer, but if you can put the old thingy back.

>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)17:04  No.51588  Y  P72R60

>Damage control


>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)17:59  No.51590  AR  P73R61
You can press them even when they haven't actually appeared if you know their place. They're in there,it's just,like,they're invisible at first and then the invisibility fades off with time
>>Anonymous  21jul2017(fr)21:34  No.51596  AL  P74R62
>h-haha I'm just t-trolling lololol

the damage control is real

>>Anonymous  22jul2017(sa)03:19  No.51602  AS  P75R63
I think that "Shadow 1" is bugged, looks like it gets stuck, and the "Ass Stuffing" Shadow got pink hair for some reason

btw this got taken from FA because of the /ss/ scene right?

>>Anonymous  22jul2017(sa)06:28  No.51605  AT  P76R64
protip; Ctrl-z you're gonna hate me for this but
if you guys have flash player, download the thing, and in the CTRL-Z with the CHAO CHAO CHAO sfx, make the frame go 2 steps backwards and you'll get the debug menu
>>Anonymous  22jul2017(sa)08:38  No.51608  AU  P77R65
this, the last thing I want to hear when jacking it is loudnigranutting.wav
unless you were intending to destroy my sides in which case you succeeded but while laughing boner became kill
disappointed to see less dialog during the sex scenes than ST2 that was my favorite part, also the dicks overall seem oddly overly large in this one by about 1/3rd but guess mobians are meant to be short??
>>Anonymous  22jul2017(sa)19:39  No.51637  AV  P78R66
Great art. Shadow is so hot
>>Anonymous  24jul2017(mo)08:27  No.51687  AW  P79R67

Well yeah, but its inconvinient as fuck tho.

>>Anonymous  24jul2017(mo)12:08  No.51692  AX  P80R68
I never reply to comment threads here but holy fuck
>thick skins
hahahahaha are you legit serious, ya'll are some of the most whiny pussy bitches outside of /that/ side of tumblr, scroll through any comment thread here and it's absolutely filled with autists insecurely raging over skin colours and chicks with dicks
>>Anonymous  24jul2017(mo)12:31  No.51693  AY  P81
Well that's usually what you get for replacing the users with 9gayg, niggers and furfags.
>>Anonymous  24jul2017(mo)17:35  No.51696  AZ  P82R69
>"This flash has no degeneracy uwu"
>Puts a lolicon anal scene and a shotacon SS scene in the same flash, complete with Chris Hanson joke in the former

Where is the lie?

>>Anonymous  24jul2017(mo)22:32  No.51702  AB  P83
>Check other sites for this very flash
>Same exact furfag defense force in action in every single one
Every faggot who faps to this shit is autistic
>>Anonymous  25jul2017(tu)04:55  No.51716  BA  P84R70

If? I think you mean when, because I'm ready to be a Patreon the moment you decide to top this animation.

>>Anonymous  25jul2017(tu)12:12  No.51726  AP  P85R71
>raging over skin colours
But anon, niggers are subhuman and putting them in porn, even with a somewhat apt "woman getting degraded by having sex with inferior men" angle, should be punishable by gulag. Their sole purpose is to pick cotton until they die from starvation, we shouldn't let them breed.
>chicks with dicks
I can only see Ctrl-z being autistic about it here. The rest doesn't care.
>>Anonymous  25jul2017(tu)12:30  No.51727  BB  P86R72
what are all the tracks used in this flash Ctrl-Z? if you dont mind
>>Anonymous  25jul2017(tu)20:42  No.51738  BC  P87R73
>something this big

yeah, ask your patrons to pay for the rent of a nice BIG landfill

>>Ctrl-Z  26jul2017(we)08:56  No.51776  OP  P88R74

Play more Sonic games and you will find them. They are not as bad as youtube babysitter personalities make them out to be.

>>Anonymous  27jul2017(th)01:27  No.51801  Q  P89R75
Just wanted to pop in and say this flash is amazing. Very much content, and very well made. I didn't notice any bugs with the cheatcodes myself.
I hope you plan on making more sometime! I'd definitely love to see it.
>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)18:55  No.51960  BD  P90R76
I guess you could say...
You can make a Cream-pie
>>Anonymous  1aug2017(tu)20:09  No.52040  BE  P91R77
Add an anal scene with the your mom, thx
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)05:40  No.52232  L  P92R78
This comments section is what a lit party on swifferchan looks like.
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)07:03  No.52236  BF  P93R79

strawpoll for feedback fellas

>>Anonymous  8aug2017(tu)04:34  No.52311  BG  P94R80
>At least it is hetero unlike the shit you are secretly into
You sure like the point the finger at people for liking the stuff you're totally not in to
>>Anonymous  8aug2017(tu)10:08  No.52317  BH  P95R81

This works perfectly. Takes you to the scene select, Thanks

>>Anonymous  8aug2017(tu)11:07  No.52322  Z  P96R82
Kind of a hassle having to do it every single time though. Unless there's a way to go back to the scene select I'm missing.
>>Anonymous  9aug2017(we)08:13  No.52341  BI  P97R83
Cream scene is not in the final cheat sheet.
>>Anonymous  10aug2017(th)02:31  No.52361  BH  P98R84
Probably because you just click the doll from the couch screen
>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)07:25  No.53463  AO  P99R85
Top cuck.
>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)08:15  No.53464  BJ  P100R86
Imagine thinking that this comment was worth bumping after more than a month.
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