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>>Anonymous  11jul2017(tu)00:12  No.51177  OP  P1
This is the full game but...

I pulled this flash out of a siterip file which appears to be slightly bigger than the demo that's already on swfchan but it seems that attempting to play it outside of Drawn Hentai is preventing the game from progressing further, similar to what some Hentaikey games does. I'm assuming it's designed to either pull data off of the paysite to access the other content or the rest is hidden in the flash.

Can someone with a decompiler check this for extra content?

Bulma's Gift Xmass Editon Full (To an extent).swf (3.3 MiB)
1200x800, Uncompressed. 1222 frames, 21 fps (00:58).
Ver17, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  11jul2017(tu)01:30  No.51178  A  P2R1
Sorry. No additional content in file.
>>Anonymous  12jul2017(we)09:22  No.51218  B  P3R2
I'm disappointed, it has sort of software tampering for piracy mechanism! fkng DRM! I hate this tamper mechanic.
>>Anonymous  12jul2017(we)09:22  No.51219  B  P4
Maybe the rip was scam? idk
>>Anonymous  12jul2017(we)09:24  No.51220  C  P5R3

Why are you so interested in a flash with Trunks eyeballing his mom? That's just fucking gross.

>>Anonymous  12jul2017(we)19:36  No.51223  D  P6R4
Sounds like you haven't been on the internet for very long. Incest is like one of the most entry level fetishes along with tentacles.
>>Anonymous  12jul2017(we)22:00  No.51226  E  P7R5
I've seen better art drawn by kindergartners
>>Anonymous  15jul2017(sa)00:43  No.51281  F  P8R6
I think I'm more bothered that Trunks doesn't recognise his mum's house.
>>Anonymous  16jul2017(su)09:40  No.51317  G  P9R7
do you where did you get that siterip website
>>Anonymous  16jul2017(su)18:36  No.51335  OP  P10R8
I got it from svscomics but the pack only includes content between 2012 to 2015

btw, here's the full version, I'm going to upload some of the other full games too.

>>Anonymous  17jul2017(mo)07:19  No.51362  H  P11R9
For real. We need to stop supporting this low quality bullshit. Drawn Hentai has become cancerous, often resorting to stealing other people's work (badly).
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