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>>Nanonymous  6jul2017(th)13:18  No.51007  OP  P1


1489788058.diives_mewos_released_hot_swf.swf (130.4 KiB)
400x520, Uncompressed. 195 frames, 24 fps (00:08).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  6jul2017(th)18:53  No.51013  A  P2R1
hey that actually is pretty hot! but god damn, those patreon logos is all over the place. cancer.
>>Anonymous  6jul2017(th)19:51  No.51015  B  P3R2
I was thinking "come on, people need to make money", but then I opened the flash and saw. Yeah, your Patreon logo should be a little watermark in the corners, not 30% of the flash... It's pretty obnoxious.
>>Anonymous  9aug2017(we)07:06  No.52340  C  P4R3
you are exaggerating, that's less than 30%
>>Anonymous  9aug2017(we)10:29  No.52343  D  P5R4
The only thing I ever remember about this artist is signing all pieces with giant Patreon stamps.
>>Anonymous  9aug2017(we)12:30  No.52346  E  P6R5
Oh-boy, I sure am glad we have you to state the obvious, Captain Autism sir.
>>Anonymous  12aug2017(sa)14:00  No.52425  F  P7R6
>some anon over-exaggerates to suit his argument
>other anon points out his lies
surely must be autism, bro. surely
>>Anonymous  12aug2017(sa)15:03  No.52429  E  P8R7
If it isn't the esteemed Mother of Captain Autism, having a good day ma'am?
>>Anonymous  13aug2017(su)11:54  No.52444  F  P9R8
No, my son is getting bullied by those autists imageboards again!
>>Anonymous  13aug2017(su)12:14  No.52448  E  P10
surely must be autism, bro. surely
>>Anonymous  13aug2017(su)12:45  No.52449  G  P11R9
I love this site
>>Anonymous  13aug2017(su)23:25  No.52470  D  P12R10
2017: editing east Asian swiffers' characters to be white instead of middlish "black."

2018: editing Diives' swfs to get that giant patreon logo out of the way.
Created: 6/7 -2017 13:18:17 Last modified: 21/9 -2017 19:27:11 Server time: 21/09 -2017 19:45:47