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>>Anonymous  4jul2017(tu)21:54  No.50927  OP  P1
boogie's Splash Woman flash

no cum in this one it seems

s8sdf_Splash_Womyn.swf (23.75 MiB)
705x740, Compressed. 2 frames, 29 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  4jul2017(tu)23:26  No.50929  A  P2R1
More power for a youtube video.
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)04:18  No.50937  B  P3R2
was trying space like a madman... wish he had bothered to turn on smoothing. it's trixy for an embedded video but you can do it with actionscript
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)04:40  No.50939  C  P4R3
Typing 'morepowe' gets me confirmation sounds; when i add an 'r' i get nothing, but 'r' twice gets me a wrong sound.
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)05:11  No.50941  D  P5R4
Dude, you do know that embedded swfs on swfchan are blocked from opening other tabs, right?
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)06:32  No.50942  E  P6R5
Sooo......Thats it??
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)07:58  No.50946  F  P7R6
24mbs and wowitsfuckingnothing
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)09:04  No.50949  OP  P8R7
somehow the ~2mb bea flash has more content than this
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)21:35  No.50976  G  P9R8
im pretty sure its 24 mb and nothing in it because its not boogie, its clearly poorly optimized flash tweening of a still picture rather than animated the way boogie usually does it. The bea one is more promising of being boogie cause on one hand i dont have access to the patreon shit so who knows what hes working on and at least its got interaction and better animation, even if the nitw style makes it look not so boogie (although belly buldges.) this on the other hand just looks like a flash tweened pic done by someone else with a boogie preloader and the usual youtube embed code
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)21:46  No.50978  A  P10R9
This was probably commissioned by somebody who really liked the splash women picture that boogie made. Why it's 24 MB is beyond me though.
>>zibby  5jul2017(we)22:44  No.50980  H  P11R10
Looked through the code and it IS made by boogie, the reason the swf is sp large is because each of the 57 frames is a giant 705x750 image about 320KB each.
So 57 * .32MB = 18.24MB not including the other stuff like actionscript, animations etc.

Typing 'morepower opens ups a youtube link, it wont open because swfchan stops flashes from opening links

Space was supposed to be a cum trigger but that shit aint working?

>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)22:53  No.50982  I  P12R11
>each of the 57 frames is a giant 705x750 image about 320KB each
how is it possible to be this incompetent
>>Anonymous  6jul2017(th)02:04  No.50986  OP  P13R12
>>50976 it's on his page
>>Anonymous  6jul2017(th)03:55  No.50988  OP  P14
keep in mind everyone these two latest flashes are either WIPs or tests
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