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>>Anonymous  4jul2017(tu)21:50  No.50926  OP  P1
boogie's Bea flash

space cums as per usual, type MOREPOWER for a youtube video

Bea.swf (2.76 MiB)
800x550, Compressed. 2 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  4jul2017(tu)23:26  No.50928  A  P2R1
Type ashley for a youtube video.
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)00:03  No.50930  OP  P3R2
I guess I had the two flashes backwards
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)02:21  No.50933  B  P4R3
gotta say, im disappointed with how little is on display
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)02:29  No.50934  C  P5R4
>that bulge
what the fuck
otherwise it's not repulsive like he sometimes does, so kudos for that
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)02:43  No.50935  A  P6R5
Well I mean it say's on the version number that it is a work in progress.
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)04:15  No.50936  D  P7R6
i dont know this character
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)06:35  No.50943  B  P8R7
i dont think that between now and completion she'll suddenly be more naked and spread eagle
i think we might get more goofy kins and a special feature or two like changing her into Mae or something like that
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)07:53  No.50944  E  P9R8
I mean Boogie is a good animator, but he chooses the weirdest shit to rule 34.
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)07:53  No.50945  E  P10
Wished he did more 'vanilla' stuff
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)08:54  No.50947  F  P11R9
Pressing tab makes the flash honk at you.
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)09:03  No.50948  OP  P12R10
as the flash says, "Someone had to do it."
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)21:38  No.50977  G  P13R11
i wish there was a place that leaked boogie's monthly patreon password
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)22:16  No.50979  H  P14R12

I'm sure fucking glad it was Boogie and not some 2bit scumbag animator <3

>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)22:51  No.50981  I  P15R13
communism is immoral
>>Anonymous  6jul2017(th)07:04  No.50996  J  P16R14
The game itself doesn't really shows all that much anyways
>>Anonymous  9jul2017(su)03:12  No.51092  K  P17R15
>>Anonymous  9jul2017(su)09:45  No.51101  L  P18R16
Make a donation, download his stuff, and then cancel. Repeat this every month.
>>Anonymous  9jul2017(su)21:15  No.51145  M  P19R17
Or, you know, could just give him 1 buck every month.
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