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>>Anonymous  22jun2017(th)03:23  No.50577  OP  P1
If the interactivity update doesn't come before the end of the month I paid for, I'm gonna be pissed.

Creambee - SamusSpaceBeach.swf (675.1 KiB)
960x960, Compressed. 13 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  22jun2017(th)05:30  No.50581  A  P2R1
Hey guys, I'm totally not Creambee. But you should totally support Creambee on Patreon, says me, the guy who is not Creambee.

Again, I am not Creambee. You know, that guy with a Patreon.

>>Anonymous  22jun2017(th)10:44  No.50593  B  P3R2
Hey, Creambee. When the breasts bounce up hard, the animation is really jerky (in a bad way). The framerate looks like it's 25-30fps so there's no excuse for this. Also, it'd be nice if the Patreon button was a button that linked to your page instead of a text box. You know, since you're Creambee. The guy without the Patreon button. The backgrounds also look kind of lazy. Overall, nice try, I'm sure you'll become great!
>>Anonymous  22jun2017(th)12:29  No.50599  C  P4R3
Kek. But seriously guys check out his Patreon.
>>Anonymous  22jun2017(th)16:18  No.50606  D  P5R4
Don't you mean HER patreon?
Oh wait ... that was Zone.
>>Anonymous  23jun2017(fr)04:24  No.50612  E  P6R5
How long until an anon finds the picture he traced again?
>>Anonymous  23jun2017(fr)05:13  No.50613  A  P7R6
Dude, no, I said I WASN'T Creambee. Learn how to read.

Okay, that poster right there most likely Creambee, trying his best not to get pissed off at an impersonating asshole for impersonating him.

I was actually wondering this myself. I assume Creambee is male, but don't male porn artist like to establish their masculinity? I mean just look at this avatar.


>>Anonymous  23jun2017(fr)05:25  No.50614  F  P8R7

I vaguely remember something about that flash with the redhead being a self insert or something. No idea whether or not it's true though.

>>Anonymous  23jun2017(fr)07:40  No.50616  G  P9R8
Anyone know what clicking on the mushroom does?
>>Anonymous  23jun2017(fr)08:28  No.50618  A  P10R9
Enables futa toggle.
>>Anonymous  23jun2017(fr)14:38  No.50625  C  P11R10
Wasn't that peachiepoop?
Anyway, female avatar = more views.

Btw check out his patreon

>>Anonymous  24jun2017(sa)01:21  No.50631  H  P12R11
As much as we hate it this fucko is gaining +$500 per month! You can draw like shit BUT if that shit moves people would pay to watch it move. (Not saying that Creambee draws like shit) We have to agree that this fucko is killing it at his game as well as the red head creep!
>>Anonymous  25jun2017(su)11:01  No.50665  D  P13R12
Well, just saw even Ucogi has a patreon too. It seems every major swf porn artist does these days. I can't think of a single one that doesn't.
>>Anonymous  26jun2017(mo)08:07  No.50685  A  P14R13
Yes, how dare they be actual adults by establishing means of income. Can't they just draw porn for free and be stoked that people are jerking off to their work?
>>Anonymous  26jun2017(mo)08:56  No.50688  D  P15R14
I love it how you instantly started to assume the post I made was negative, or critizism at all, just because of the word "patreon",
when in fact this wasn't the aim at all.
Quite the opposite actually. I can't think of any creator being able to turn down that extra money these days. Sooo -- pretty much everyone's doing that "eeevil thing" now! How fashionable!
>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)20:39  No.50759  A  P16R15

This right here is an example of Poe's Law!

>>Anonymous  29jun2017(th)13:00  No.50775  D  P17R16
Remember, Anon.
Ironic shitposting is also shitposting.
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