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>>Anonymous  3jun2017(sa)22:35  No.50142  OP  P1
Fairy_Tail Hentami Lucy_Heartfilia by pinoytoons

fairy_tail-hentami-lucy_heartfilia-pinoytoons.swf (8.86 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 2234 frames, 24 fps (01:33).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  4jun2017(su)00:34  No.50144  A  P2R1
Inb4 over 9000 posts complaining about the guy's complexion.
>>Anonymous  4jun2017(su)03:22  No.50145  B  P3R2
I always liked the art, animations and games pinoytoons does. Even the simplified, no fucks given, ones he did for meet and fuck. Yes, most of the games his work involved him in sucked game play wise, but making a porn game not cheesy is an exception to the norm. Normal Fairy Fighting by eluku99 still kicks my ass.
>>Anonymous  4jun2017(su)06:22  No.50150  C  P4R3
Fix the nigger
>>Anonymous  4jun2017(su)10:35  No.50154  D  P5R4
This flash is broken. I keep getting color glitches.
>>Anonymous  4jun2017(su)18:56  No.50161  E  P6R5
He's got very tiny hands
>>Anonymous  4jun2017(su)19:37  No.50162  F  P7R6
>>Anonymous  4jun2017(su)23:27  No.50170  G  P8R7
>>Anonymous  5jun2017(mo)00:25  No.50171  H  P9R8
>when part of the couch comes alive and starts fucking your girl
>>Anonymous  5jun2017(mo)00:30  No.50172  I  P10R9
>east asian artist uses east asian skintone for the male

>folks think it's black because they're from United States where light brown passes as black

>begun the edit wars have


>>Anonymous  5jun2017(mo)06:43  No.50180  J  P11R10
It'd make much more sense if the girl wasn't aryan white, if that we're the case.
>>Anonymous  5jun2017(mo)10:12  No.50181  K  P12R11
Probably due to the whole, fetishise people of another race thing
>>Anonymous  5jun2017(mo)10:14  No.50182  K  P13
Disregard what I said, >>50180 is a dumb nigger who can't recognize main characters.
>>Anonymous  5jun2017(mo)12:53  No.50184  L  P14R12
Racists leave.
>>Anonymous  5jun2017(mo)15:22  No.50186  M  P15R13
Bleh, the audio bothers me more than the skin tones. All I can hear in my head is Egoraptor screaming "MAI PUSSSEEEEEEEE"
>>Anonymous  6jun2017(tu)07:21  No.50192  N  P16R14
It's been forever since there was some actual quality posted, god I love pinoytoons.
>>Anonymous  6jun2017(tu)08:13  No.50193  O  P17R15
Then you just found this website, newfag. Welcome and lurk more.
>>Anonymous  6jun2017(tu)10:25  No.50197  P  P18R16
Hush friend. Do not confuse the poor Americans by implying other countries than the USA exist.
>>Anonymous  6jun2017(tu)11:48  No.50198  A  P19R17
Modern day outrage culture fucking sucks.
>>Anonymous  6jun2017(tu)13:00  No.50201  Q  P20R18
> it ends with facial
> no option to decided where to finish
> no faster/slower button
> no footjob
> 2017 and no option to change guy skin color
> sound is fucked up

pinoytoons isn't even trying lmao.

>>Anonymous  8jun2017(th)04:10  No.50247  R  P21R19
Fix the nigger [2]
>>Anonymous  8jun2017(th)08:16  No.50263  S  P22R20
>east asian
>>Anonymous  9jun2017(fr)01:14  No.50282  T  P23R21
Goddamn darkies in my flash porn.
>>Anonymous  9jun2017(fr)01:40  No.50288  U  P24R22
My penis is dissapointed
>>Anonymous  9jun2017(fr)19:03  No.50299  G  P25R23


SHE GOT OFFICIALLY b l a c k e d



>>Anonymous  9jun2017(fr)19:09  No.50300  L  P26R24
Leave, no racists allowed.
>>Anonymous  9jun2017(fr)21:49  No.50301  V  P27R25
The faces pinoytoons draws always fuck me up for some reason, it's like some kind of plastic doll.
>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)03:16  No.50306  W  P28R26
audio not even in glorious nipponese.
>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)04:17  No.50308  X  P29R27
I think that's because he does it in 3D first then traces back to 2D to get the motion right? That's what I heard? Dunno

Also his faces aren't over the top expressive like most cartoon/hentai we're used to.

>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)05:26  No.50310  R  P30R28
Leave, no niggers allowed.
>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)07:54  No.50313  Y  P31R29
right click > play
>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)09:53  No.50314  L  P32R30
You can leave too, no illiterates allowed.
>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)16:23  No.50319  Z  P33
you wot m8?
>>Anonymous  4jul2017(tu)17:34  No.50924  AA  P34R31

"tracing porn" and slappin anime characters in it just to say its H

>>Anonymous  4jul2017(tu)18:15  No.50925  AB  P35
Begone, foul necromancer!
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)01:27  No.50931  AC  P36R32
I'm just bothered he didn't even fucking cum inside her like she asked. Like what the fuck bruh
>>Anonymous  5jul2017(we)04:29  No.50938  D  P37R33
I'm glad that her Aryan genes weren't sullied by this common yard ape.
>>Get Dunked on  5jul2017(we)17:01  No.50965  AD  P38R34
Chocolate and Vanilla swirl
>>Anonymous  13jul2017(th)11:17  No.51243  K  P39R35



>>Anonymous  13jul2017(th)11:19  No.51244  K  P40

Honestly yo, this is the wrong place to ask for racial respect.
Actually any place that has Chan in the name is the wrong place to ask for racial respect.

>>Anonymous  14jul2017(fr)05:47  No.51259  AB  P41R36
All other parts of the western world, internet or otherwise, are cucked and too pc and act like nignogs can do no wrong. They're not respecting you. They're talking down to you. They're pitying you.
Asia is xenophobic and has no idea what people of other races tend to be like, because they've little to no contact with them. And when they try to open up like south korea, they make fucking segregated trains for foreigners. Thing is, I don't think that can be attributed to hostility or disgust towards whites and blacks, most asians are just naturally carefull slow to trust. Their racism will pass as they get used to this globalization.
The black parts of the world though... they are just fucking turbo-racist. You know the sort of shit KKK believes? It's like that, but while KKK constitutes 0.0000000001% of american citizens, the VAST majority of africans believe that "These non-blacks are neanderthal devil animals constantly plotting to kill us all and steal all of our shit because they're jealous of our magical melanin powers that they don't have because they're not really human". Hell, blacks in america don't think that much different. There is no race in this world more racist than blacks.

As for the dick color thing, people are finally getting angry at that "bbc sex god" lie that got spread around like a fact for a better part of a century. They're fighting back partially for truth, partially out of tribalism, partially because it's easier to use your mind to superimpose yourself over the male that has the same skin color as you.

tl;dr, western chans are the best place to get racial respect. they're honest and educated on the matter. Everywhere else just treats you blacks like babies that will have an emotional breakdown and start flinging the word "racist" around at the slightest criticism... because they tend to do that.
Also, black dicks in porn need to be purged because cucks need to die and lies need to stop.

>>Anonymous  14jul2017(fr)10:06  No.51264  AE  P42R37
>"But they're racist, too! Even moreso!"

Classic Trumpian argument. There are very very racist black people. There are very very racist white people. There are very very racist Asian people. I'm not sure where Native Americans stand, but I'm sure there are some that are not very fond of white people.

There are also plenty of people from each of these groups that are amazing people. Every race has shitty people. Even if one race has more racists, that doesn't negate the people who aren't pieces of shit, so generalizing by saying something like "black people are ______" only makes you look ignorant. When the aliens show up, we'll all have to band together so fucking get over it.

P.S. Calling people who don't cuckold "cucks" is just confusing - most people aren't so insecure to be offended by that - and people who DO cuckold obviously don't take it offensively. Okay, go back to chasing your tail and crying about black penis now.

>>Anonymous  14jul2017(fr)11:08  No.51265  AF  P43R38
LOL nigger getting butt-hurt because he was called out for being brown and dumb just like 99% of Africans living all over the world.
>Every race has shitty people.
and Africans have the most sorry that your universal melting pot ideology is pure bullshit
>Calling people who don't cuckold "cucks" is just confusing
so you have been called a cuck, a lot hmmm, must be pure coincidence, don't get too triggered lad :^)
>>Anonymous  15jul2017(sa)08:14  No.51291  AE  P44R39
>I'm an edgy 12-year-old because I repeat what my racist grandpa/uncle says!
>>Anonymous  24jul2017(mo)21:02  No.51699  AG  P45R40
>cum inside me
cums outside
>>Anonymous  24jul2017(mo)21:25  No.51700  AH  P46
>I'm a superior 12-year-old because I repeat what my progressive single mom/aunt says!
>>Anonymous  24jul2017(mo)23:15  No.51703  AI  P47R41
>Took a week and a half to come up with this pathetic attempt at a comeback.
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