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>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)18:32  No.49970  OP  P1
So I made a few changes to the previous one.
As that anon in previouse thread said I deleted half of the pictures and added a few more. I also added a mute function for the voice and the sounds individually. You can also control fps by 0.25 with arrow keys and you have a choice to skip the pinwheel at the beginning.

Sissy hypnosis v1.01.swf (40.15 MiB)
550x716, Compressed. 434 frames, 4 fps (01:48).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)18:38  No.49971  A  P2R1
the file size is still shit tho
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)18:51  No.49972  OP  P3R2
I'm not aiming for the smallest filesize possible. I mean why should I?
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)18:57  No.49973  B  P4
Cringeworthy bullshit. Kill yourself
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)19:12  No.49978  OP  P5
Fucking fuck.
Mistakes were made. It doesn't show random pictures.
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)19:37  No.49979  OP  P6
here we go
Sissy hypnosis v1.01a!aJAXGYzB!CarIXvPUNdXQC6RDN1-IwI bmwIMsuNm88fhPVawH1VM
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)00:57  No.49988  C  P7R3
have you ever asked yourself 'why am i making this?'
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)02:38  No.49992  D  P8R4
>Responds in a pissy manner
>Straight up ignores the other critics
>Continues editing this anyway

I'm guessing he hasn't asked himself that (and never will). I can see where this going. Like we needed another drama whore on this site.

>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)03:05  No.49993  OP  P9R5
Because I like working with flash and I've learned new things and gained an understanding of how AS3 works. I mean I've only done some basic music loops with gifs before so I had to do a lot of trial and error to figure these things out.
This just serves as a medium and I'm gonna continue working on this. I wanna make it so you can add your own audio files, change the alpha waves with sliders, hopefully decreasing the most painful filesize.
Also I'm opened for suggestions.
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)03:44  No.49996  E  P10R6
Why would anyone think a dick looks like beauty, they're merely an object of sex
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)18:00  No.50013  F  P11R7
And taking a piss.
N̶o̶t̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶r̶y̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶a̶b̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶s̶e̶x̶,̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶t̶r̶o̶g̶l̶o̶d̶y̶t̶e̶.̶ :^)
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)18:13  No.50015  G  P12R8
This shit is so retarded. Autistic as fuck.
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)21:59  No.50019  H  P13R9
Pasha has moved on to more autistic things, and I can't help but feel it's partially our responsibility.
>>Anonymous  31may2017(we)01:35  No.50024  I  P14R10
This is great keep updating
>>Anonymous  1jun2017(th)00:49  No.50048  J  P15R11
gays should be gassed
>>Anonymous  1jun2017(th)02:02  No.50050  K  P16R12
Wait hold on this is Pasha?!

Shit man, I'll apologize if it means you'll stop making whatever the fuck this is and go back to your regular bullshit. At least that was tolerable.

>>Anonymous  1jun2017(th)20:31  No.50060  OP  P17R13
You can rest easy, I'm not pasha
>>Anonymous  1jun2017(th)23:37  No.50063  L  P18R14

You're posting in a section called /fap/

Were you expect a gathering of MENSA "intellectuals"?

>>Anonymous  2jun2017(fr)20:01  No.50101  M  P19
Because it would look like good programming?
But you already denounced that in this thread, so ... I don't know!
>>Anonymous  3jun2017(sa)01:17  No.50111  OP  P20R15
it's just a matter of compression which is just a little change in publish settings and that doesn't have to do anything with coding, unless I embed those pictures from an external source in which case it would just be a few KBs in size. And even then you would have to wait for it to load all the pictures anyway.

I meant it as why should I aim for the lowest filesize when this place allows up to 70MB.

>>Anonymous  3jun2017(sa)01:21  No.50112  N  P21R16
I liked it.
>>Anonymous  3jun2017(sa)08:55  No.50117  O  P22
Daily reminder:

Pick one and only one.

>>Anonymous  3jun2017(sa)16:41  No.50129  OP  P23R17
why would that be?
>>Anonymous  3jun2017(sa)17:31  No.50130  O  P24
Just apply for membership and go to some of their gatherings. If you don't meet the requirements for entrance, just practice your pattern recognition, takes almost no effort to improve score.
They are a bunch of do-nothing circlejerk faggots, with only STRONK BRAINZ Sudoku and narcissism in common.

146 IQ Anon, according to MENSAfaggots.
(That alone should tell you all you need to know about relevancy of IQ)

>>Anonymous  3jun2017(sa)21:33  No.50137  OP  P25
I actually went to a Mensa test because my friend persuaded me so I went with him back in 2011 and I had no idea what it'll be like, I knew only that it's just a bunch of Raven matrixes. Last time I saw one of those was when I was a kid and didn't know what that was about, but only at the test I found out how to solve them.
A month after that I recieved a letter with a congratulation and a cheque to pay for an annual fee if I was interested in joining. Threw it in the trash and kept the letter so I've never been to any of their meeting sessions.
>>Anonymous  3jun2017(sa)22:00  No.50138  O  P26
Good on ya mate, you made the intelligent decision.
I got tested the first time as a kid and my parents, with the best intentions, signed me up. It was only as I grew older that I found out how completely pointless it was.
>>Anonymous  4jun2017(su)03:28  No.50146  P  P27R18
Here's why you're wrong, lying and a hypocrite.

>You state you are doing this to learn and build skills.
>People give you advice you just disregard.

This is a major red flag right here. Moreover you embedded a bunch of fucking pop ups in the flash.

As for why small file size matters, if this is to be shared with others that may enjoy this abomination, you always want to conserve file size because.

>People care about it and might not look at it.
>It's laughable something this simple is taking 10 times the room as what it should(Which again, if you're here to learn this is important to consider)
>Makes it look like you have no clue what you are doing.

However I posit something else. You do know what you're doing, you want to instigate people by making some shitty clickbait that causes people to want to argue and call you a fucking faggot, which boosts this up the ranking, which you serve pop ups to, to earn money WHILE continually "Updating just learning guys pls be gentle" fucking fake ass hypocritical garbage.

>>Anonymous  4jun2017(su)05:01  No.50147  OP  P28R19
ok, I give up, you broke me.
Here's a compressed version (2.5MBs)!yAJRVBKD!LUm8cr8U7gyn3UEKfKCy27 Y-EWHIl53Wc7Dz659SWZ8

Now serious talk. I'm not making any money off of this (but it would be nice if I were lol), there are no pop ups and no embeds in this flash, everything's contained inside. You can decompile it and see for yourself that there are no links leading to any external websites.

>>Anonymous  6jun2017(tu)10:10  No.50196  Q  P29R20
>They are a bunch of do-nothing circlejerk faggots, with only STRONK BRAINZ Sudoku and narcissism in common.

I agree with you. I had a substitute teacher in the 8th grade who believed he was cool bc he was in MENSA. I didn't mind him much at first, but after a certain episode I began to dislike him.

>Mr. Knight subs for many different teachers and he tells us stories about how he's a MENSA member and other BS that's not related to teaching.
>One time Mr. Knight subs for my 8th grade history class.
>He's using a seating chart given to him from the teacher.
>A few people weren't sitting where the sheet showed bc our teacher always allowed it.
>I'm included in that group of "wrongly" seated kids bc I'm trying to help a classmate, Holden, not fail history class.
>Everyone in class knows that I'm helping Holden. Holden is possibly the least academically gifted student in the class, and I'm probably the highest.
>Mr. Knight takes role and deals with several people not sitting in the right place. We tell him this is normal, but he demands that we sit in the correct places. He's getting really upset for no reason while most of the class laughs at him.
>"The next person who's sitting in the wrong spot is getting sent out of this class."
>I continue sitting next to Holden because I believe what I'm doing is right.
>My name comes up during the role call.
>Mr. K:"Anon?"
>Me: "Here."
>Mr. K: "You're not sitting where you ought to be."
>Me: "I help Holden with his homework and activities"
>Mr. K: "Yeah right, I bet he gives you all the answers."
>The entire class cracks up laughing while I simply stare at the sub. teacher. I don't feel the need to correct him or argue with him.
>"Leave right now and go to the office." [I gather my books and begin to leave] "The next person who isn't sitting in the right place is going to be written up."
>I don't argue or say anything. I simply get up while everyone else is laughing at the situation. I'm glad that I don't have to spend another moment with Mr. Knight.
>I sit on a bench outside the office for the rest of the period. I simply read my history book and finish my activities/homework on my own.

He was simply a narcissistic asshat like you said.

>>Anonymous  6jun2017(tu)20:26  No.50206  OP  P30R21
I wouldn't blame that exactly on him being in mensa but being a teacher in general.
Most teachers are shit, especially younger ones that try to be all authoritarian so what they say goes and you are there to abide their every word to the point. Which is sad that people like this get to "teach" in schools.
>>Anonymous  7jun2017(we)11:33  No.50223  R  P31R22
I appreciate what you're doing, don't worry
not everybody on this site is an asshat. Just most of them are in the comments.

the flash itself is actually quite well made. it's really nice to have the sound and speed options, first time I've seen someone implement that in a hypno flash. also nice big selection of images. I actually genuinely don't have suggestions for further improvement.

>>Anonymous  6jul2017(th)02:25  No.50987  S  P32R23
This would be improved if you could keep track of the frame rate and make sure no picture is shown more than once until all have been shown at least once.
>>Anonymous  9jul2017(su)20:00  No.51132  L  P33R24

Please take note of the quotation marks for blatant scoff.

>>Anonymous  9jul2017(su)20:00  No.51134  L  P34

Please take notice of the quotation marks.

>>Anonymous  17aug2017(th)22:58  No.52558  S  P35R25
Has any update for this come out recently?
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