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>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)12:27  No.49883  OP  P1
Fixed a coloration issue.

RosaTF_Fixed_Again.swf (1.45 MiB)
626x630, Compressed. 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)12:34  No.49884  A  P2R1
let's just wait for the time that somebody's complaining about the black Rosalina
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)14:29  No.49887  B  P3R2
Black chicks covered with white spunk are always a hot sight.
Shame about those toothy lines around the edges though.
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)15:39  No.49889  C  P4R3
Oh yeah baby mmh shake that 55IQ oh yeah it makes me so horny mmmh thinking about our 60IQ children makes me nut mmh mmmmh
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)18:17  No.49895  D  P5R4
damn it anon
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)19:13  No.49896  E  P6R5
Rosaline is a nigger
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)22:58  No.49899  F  P7R6
With blonde hair? You had ONE job anon.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)02:19  No.49904  G  P8
>blue eyes
You nigger lovers sure are fucking retarded.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)03:12  No.49906  H  P9R7
Miscegenation is a bitch. Make them both albinos.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)06:17  No.49913  I  P10R8
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)06:59  No.49914  J  P11R9
Apparently none of you retards know what a gyaru is.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)08:50  No.49917  B  P12R10
>hair dye doesn't exist
>eye contacts don't exist
Though the eye contacts are a bit too far, I agree.

So you're saying you have 65IQ? Sounds about right.
Anyway, statistical averages do not define individuals. There's plenty of black people smarter than the average white person. You can CHOOSE who you fuck, you know.
...and you're underscoring by about 25 points.

>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)14:20  No.49919  K  P13R11
>So you're saying you have 65IQ?
Also, why say shes a nigger in stead of assuming shes one of those retards that stays in the sun waaaaaay too long
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)18:36  No.49924  L  P14R12
This, anyone who isn't #FFFFFF white is a nigger in my book.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)20:03  No.49926  B  P15R13
Why not take both?
If I had to choose though... there's a good reason not to fuck a jersey shore slut: she's DEFINITELY filled with STD's, and probably some random guy's jizz.
What reason do could you have for denying pussy based on race? It's good, healthy, fertile pussy. It's good.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)20:46  No.49927  G  P16
>What reason do could you have for denying pussy based on race?
>It's good, healthy, fertile pussy. It's good.
>standards as a man don't exist
>self-respect as a man doesn't exist
Looks like you already knew the answer, before you even asked it.
What reason could you have for denying pussy based on stereotype?
#NotAllGuidettes #GuidetteCuntsMatter #CURRENTYEAR

Hypocrisy never sleeps.

>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)20:57  No.49928  B  P17
I'll be 100% brutally honest with you.
It sounds like you're very insecure. Because of your small dick.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)22:29  No.49931  F  P18R14
ginger version plz
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)22:32  No.49932  F  P19
nvm ill do it myself
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)23:28  No.49940  G  P20
HAH! Jokes on you, I have Erectile Dysfunction!

To repeat myself from your other cuntpost.
>basic bitch shaming tactics are gonna work on a chan

>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)00:28  No.49941  B  P21R15
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)05:54  No.49946  H  P22R16
Regression to the mean. Even smart niggers will have dumb nigger babies because that is the state of their race. It would take smart niggers breeding with each other for a thousand years before their race shows any improvement.
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)12:54  No.49958  L  P23R17
not only you're a virgin faggot loser but you're also paranoid

and yes "basic bitch" tactics do work because you're now mentioning this from another thread

stay insecure and mad lol

>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)13:07  No.49961  G  P24
>What is "used informally to indicate all members of a group, occupation, etc., or things of a particular type"
>Ctrl+V = mad
keklmaoroflayylmao stay mad cunts lulz topkekkerino.
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)13:17  No.49963  B  P25R18
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)15:42  No.49965  C  P26R19
This queer knows his stuff.
Don't misgeneate kids, intelligence is the only thing that matters and subhumans don't got no smarts.
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)19:07  No.49977  L  P27R20
Lol you're coming here to have a wank but in the end you're just leaving with a brain aneurysm from anger

stay eternally mad

>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)19:48  No.49980  G  P28
>you're coming here to have a wank
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)23:59  No.49987  B  P29R21
You know, if you have to be racist about the whole thing, think of it that way: you're cucking black guys. You're impregnating their women behind their backs, and leaving them with your children. That must hurt.
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)03:15  No.49994  C  P30R22
You're also generating more subhumans like some kind of retard.
I know you human-shaped trash don't got no concept of the future or any capacity for delayed gratification, but humans tend to prefer that their offsprings be human too.
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)16:57  No.50011  B  P31R23
No, man, you're cleansing the vile evil in their black ovum with your virtuous, good white sperm cells, not the other way around. The rightousness of white people is so strong that all their offspring comes out as human, it just looks a bit different.
For a white supremacist, you have an awfully low amount of confidence in the power of whiteness.

Hell, you don't even have to impregnate anyone. Just fuck some black guy's woman. You would be crushed if a white woman you love fucked one of them detestable niggers, pregnancy or not, right? Just strike back.

>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)21:53  No.50017  M  P32
Boy, this board sure has become cancerous.
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)22:08  No.50020  L  P33R24
I don't think you realize the irony of talking about being superior to others in a place like this

You should've seen the massive "beef curtains" shitposting

>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)22:14  No.50021  M  P34

>implying I haven't

C'mon, man, fucking everyone's seen that shit.

>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)22:40  No.50022  B  P35R25
Fuck off, I'm busy trying to convinca a clansman to start seducing black women.
Whatever do you mean?
>>Anonymous  31may2017(we)02:47  No.50025  N  P36R26
dude i feel you
there use to be really good porn here, now there's nothing really fappable

I don't know how to contribute, nor do i think i could if i did know
I don't want this place to fall off my map, but it looks more and more like i'll have to eventually

>>Anonymous  2jun2017(fr)06:34  No.50069  O  P37R27
>Gyaru Rosa

Wheover made this, thank you.

>>Anonymous  2jun2017(fr)14:03  No.50086  OP  P38R28
I actually made this as a joke to piss off the people bitching about the last edit. But you're welcome.
>>Get Dunked on  5jul2017(we)17:22  No.50971  P  P39R29
I love chocolate on vanilla action.
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