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>>Anonymous  24may2017(we)06:36  No.49809  OP  P1
More -8 and -8 avatar.

24qwhud2.swf (3.47 MiB)
600x900, Compressed. 1 frame, 31 fps (00:00).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  24may2017(we)14:46  No.49816  A  P2R1
ended up leaving the tab open in the background as I quite enjoy the music
>>Anonymous  24may2017(we)18:09  No.49817  B  P3R2
it'd be funny if that faggot made an edited version where -8 has white skin
>>Anonymous  24may2017(we)22:21  No.49821  C  P4R3
Anyone know the music source?
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)01:16  No.49823  D  P5R4
some remix of delfino plaza
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)04:39  No.49826  E  P6R5
Music found.

>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)07:20  No.49829  F  P7R6
Where the fuck does -8 post his work? Love his shit but if I miss it, I'll probably never see it
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)07:33  No.49831  F  P8
Nevermind, some faggot is compiling it on this page.

>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)11:10  No.49842  G  P9R7
I can't fap to this because she's missing her crown.
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)17:58  No.49846  H  P10R8
>comments aren't full of the usual stuff anytime the music source for a minus8 flash is found

I'm surprised

>>Anonymous  7jun2017(we)12:55  No.50226  I  P11R9

Consdering this is just one rather simple animation compared to others that -8 has done,
that this would not have the exposure and reach, not really suprising.

>>Anonymous  7jun2017(we)17:02  No.50235  J  P12R10
I'm starting to get the feeling that -8 likes Princess Peach
>>Anonymous  7jun2017(we)17:24  No.50236  K  P13R11
It's his waifu obsession, the other character is a genderbent self-insert.
>>Anonymous  7jun2017(we)17:26  No.50237  K  P14
Obviously not genderbent in this flash.
I was mixing it up with another flash he made with his self-insert.
>>Anonymous  8jun2017(th)05:02  No.50249  L  P15R12
I really wish i could like and support minus8 but his constant panic attacks of thinking that every is going to get him makes me cringe hard so if you like his art save it because he always nukes his stuff all the time.
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