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>>Anonymous  24may2017(we)06:30  No.49805  OP  P1
Peach_Rosa_Daisy_Full.swf (1.52 MiB)
800x500, Compressed. 4 frames, 36 fps (00:00).
Ver32, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  24may2017(we)19:42  No.49819  A  P2R1
So she's back?
>>Anonymous  24may2017(we)22:26  No.49822  B  P3
Peachypop copying real artists part 3526. I'm so tempted to dox the whore and turn the landwhale into a lolcow
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)08:35  No.49859  C  P4R2
Who did (((she))) copy?
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)08:59  No.49860  D  P5R3
I'd say as long as the copy works stay free there's no real problem. When it gets put behind a pay wall then that's fucked up.
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)10:32  No.49865  OP  P6R4
-8 made the original: .swf

Which is a cartoon version of this IRL porn: +inspiration.swf

>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)14:20  No.49869  E  P7R5
A pretty shameless theft for a patreon user
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)14:26  No.49870  F  P8
Are you surprised?
There's a reason that "Theft and Deception" is Paytreon's official motto. Have you ever looked at just how many project that consist of nothing but RPGmaker + stolen assets from HS or TK17 there is on there?
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)00:45  No.49876  G  P9R6

>I'm so tempted-

Translation: "I don't actually know how and am just shitposting"

Do it then you lying asswipe. I wanna know where I can get the chubby puss

>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)07:58  No.49878  H  P10R7
you people are so whiny.
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)12:13  No.49882  I  P11R8
This person gets $600 per animation on Patreon. That's six hundred fucking dollars for reskinning somebody else's animation. I'm jealous. How can I get a deal like this?
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)16:55  No.49892  J  P12R9
How is this even legal?
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)17:48  No.49894  K  P13
Give me the cow's name and Paypal. Since the attention whore hid behind Furfagginty and Patrjewon it's relatively tricky and time consuming to get her name off latter. I've done it before, but I am fucking lazy to do more
>Set up a false PayJew Account
>Create Throwaway Patrejewon account
>'''Pledge''' the fat cow
>Find her name in the Patreon Invoice
>Name get

I'm too lazy and have hands full with more important shit at the moment. Doxing that landwhale and sending her couple pizzae among other things sounds extremely entertaining. Maybe if she doesn't push out these stolen flashes or if I hear her sperging out in her Furfagginty or her Discord server.
I am too sane and lazy infiltrate the cesspool known as Furfaggintry. We know for a fact every furfag on here is a notorious SJW/Moralfag/White knight who are first to cry one of the following

>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)02:23  No.49905  F  P14
>you people are so whiny
>whines about whining
Good job, gold star for you.
>>Anonymous  2jun2017(fr)19:13  No.50094  L  P15R10
Why the fuck is this cunt getting away with stealing someone elses art?
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