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>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)07:59  No.49766  OP  P1
Fixed a bug that caused coloration issues if the wrong button was pressed.

RosaTF_fixed.swf (1.41 MiB)
626x630, Compressed. 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)10:26  No.49768  A  P2R1
You... just deleted the change penis button...
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)14:19  No.49771  B  P3R2
You are aware that you can opt NOT to press the button you removed, right?

Fuckin' mentally deficient frosted flake.

>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)15:03  No.49773  C  P4R3
Holy fuck this is hilarious

I salute you sir

>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)15:23  No.49774  D  P5R4
>coloration issues
top heh
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)15:35  No.49775  E  P6R5
Buttmad nigger detected keklmaorofl lol xDDDD ayy lmao giggle
U mad Tyrone u madtyrone utyrone mad kekkerino lulles!
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)15:37  No.49777  F  P7R6
Now make her black
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)20:26  No.49789  G  P8R7
Fucking lulz. We're making the web a better place for the children.
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)22:54  No.49797  B  P9R8
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)23:05  No.49798  H  P10R9

The dick isn't even white though

It's tan

She's titfucking a mexican, that's not a better place you drooling mongoloid

>>Anonymous  24may2017(we)18:38  No.49818  D  P11R10
>She's titfucking a mexican
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)05:47  No.49827  OP  P12R11
It's better that no one gets surprised by pressing that button by mistake. Nothing kills a boner faster than a nigger.
>>Anonymous  25may2017(th)22:56  No.49853  H  P13R12

So a mexican is better????

You're a goddamn cuck who supports illegal immigrants fucking people's wives

If you're gonna make the dick white, MAKE THEM FUCKING WHITE, not this "tan" latino horseshit

You're a fucking cucklover

>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)00:10  No.49854  I  P14R13
But you're not forced to make the dick black, why the autism?
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)02:30  No.49855  OP  P15R14
Mexicans are bad too. But you need to get your eyes checked because the dick is white.
Because cucks are the scourge of humanity.
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)09:31  No.49862  J  P16R15
Honestly wouldn't mind a dark skinned Rosalina. I like me some brownies.
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)12:28  No.49867  K  P17R16
Insecurity: the post
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)12:35  No.49868  E  P18R17
At least you're honest about your own shortcomings, that's some good progress you're showing Jamal.
Protip: if you just didn't post, we wouldn't have known.
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)22:55  No.49873  I  P19R18
And autistic faggots wasting their time making edits of porn flash games to shitpost on anonymous imageboards are the saviors?

Something tells me that you've never had a girlfriend, let alone had sex.

>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)17:45  No.49893  L  P20R19
>getting triggered by penises that aren't a peach color
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)03:15  No.49907  OP  P21R20
Some people prefer not to see humans get fucked by turds is all.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)06:09  No.49912  M  P22R21
"Autism, autism, autism"
You are projecting really hard.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)18:33  No.49923  I  P23R22
Kek, and you felt so targeted by this post that you had to come here with your useless comment.

Autistic virgin loser, keep on jerking that loser dick lol.

>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)19:19  No.49925  E  P24
>basic bitch shaming tactics are gonna work on a chan
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)22:27  No.49930  N  P25R23
lulz ikr. i haven't even heard the virgin card being pulled since middle school xD
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)12:56  No.49959  I  P26R24

lulz your ID is N



>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)13:11  No.49962  E  P27
>Tumblr-tier projection insult
Kekkerinomayoayylmaorofl ISHYGDDT tbfimho fam ure teh sux fo' real xxxxxDDDDDDD
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)19:03  No.49975  I  P28
lol you're so mad that you're mixing things up, people on tumblr don't call each others triggered, it's everybody else that call tumblr fags triggered, just like you are

you're so fucking pissed you're having a stroke lol

>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)19:54  No.49981  E  P29R25
>lol what lol is lol reading lol comprehension lol
brobruhbrah u mad u mad u mad u mad u mad u mad dude
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)23:04  No.49985  N  P30R26
And yours is I for IDIOT xD
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)23:48  No.49986  F  P31R27
Are you having a stroke?
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)06:53  No.49998  OP  P32R28
Yeah, I'm stroking it alright.
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)13:11  No.50007  I  P33R29




Going full retard against someone basically telling you "u mad" is proof that you're actually very mad, also I like that you didn't deny being a virgin faggot lol

>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)19:58  No.50016  O  P34R30
Give it up, dude. The pathetic kids around here get their jollies off on being all edgy and racially superior to compensate for their tiny dicks. Nothing gonna change that.
>>Anonymous  30may2017(tu)21:56  No.50018  P  P35

Well, kids gon be kids I suppose.

>>Anonymous  31may2017(we)05:41  No.50028  OP  P36R31
t. cucks.
>>Anonymous  31may2017(we)05:48  No.50030  Q  P37R32
N for Nigger rather
>>Anonymous  31may2017(we)06:22  No.50031  R  P38R33
I'm not racist in the slightest but slaughtering the inferior races might not be such a bad idea if you think about it.
>>S for salty  2jun2017(fr)19:41  No.50097  S  P39R34
>come here
bitch we were all here all along
I descend to slap my whipped cream into a thread, lurking, whenever the tingles may occur
>>Anonymous  3jun2017(sa)01:05  No.50108  T  P40R35
You guys are cute.
>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)00:10  No.50302  U  P41R36
make america white again kek
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