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>>Anonymous  17may2017(we)21:38  No.49577  OP  P1
Women of all races exist to be conquered by superior white men and have their pussies colonized by superior white dicks.

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>>Anonymous  17may2017(we)21:42  No.49578  A  P2R1
Someone with superior editing skill should make all of the dicks, and the girls green because green lives are the only ones that matter. Normies meanwhile, should get out.

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>>Anonymous  17may2017(we)21:45  No.49579  B  P3R2
You are a bad troll for beeing such an obvious troll.
>>Anonymous  17may2017(we)21:59  No.49580  C  P4R3
So what's the version this was edited from?
>>Anonymous  17may2017(we)21:59  No.49581  C  P5
To be fair, this is pretty good because black peach is noice
>>Anonymous  17may2017(we)23:59  No.49587  OP  P6R4
Non-white dicks are redundant. Go buck to watching star-trek, orion fetishist.
>>49580 wf
keep crying bitch nigga
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)03:24  No.49593  D  P7R5
I'm torn, on one hand colonization is a good thing but on the other black women doesn't get my dick hard.
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)12:33  No.49608  E  P8R6
Does this autistic idiot not know what a gyaru is?
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)18:38  No.49616  F  P9R7
>>Anonymous  19may2017(fr)04:10  No.49634  G  P10R8
I hate niggers.
>>Anonymous  19may2017(fr)08:50  No.49640  H  P11R9
All humans do.
>>Anonymous  19may2017(fr)20:11  No.49647  I  P12R10
all humans except women and wives.
>>Anonymous  19may2017(fr)20:33  No.49650  H  P13R11
Fucking duh brainiac, that's why I specifically used the word "HUMANS"
>all children except the elderly
get the fuck out nigger.
>>Anonymous  19may2017(fr)22:26  No.49654  J  P14R12
>Women of all races exist to be conquered by superior white men

Lmao OP, type "wmaf" in google image, and look at the first picture.

>>Anonymous  19may2017(fr)23:52  No.49656  OP  P15R13
You sound like a low-testosterone effeminate pussy.
If you don't want to take and impregnate every healthy, hot-bodied fertile woman, then you're not a real man.

All women depicted are over 18 years old, gave full consent and are of negroid descent, even if stated otherwise.

Women don't like blacks much either. It's literally the least desired ethnicity in males. Guess who is the most popular? That's right, superior white men. -the-messages-you-get-39c68771b99e
The reason you see all this fake bmwf porn is because it sells. It sells to pathetic black men, who try to escape into a fantasy land where they're not the inferior male. No self-respecting woman will actually stoop down to bedding them, unless there's a lot of money on the line.

The image responses google gives, and the order in which they appear, depend not only on what you put in the search field, but also your search history.
No idea what image comes up for you first, but this is what I get
The rest of the page is filled with similar images... and pictures from the World Martial Arts Federation tournament, funnily enough.
Don't worry tyrone, nobody expected you to know this. Blacks are rightly expected to be dumber and less tech-savvy than whites.

>>Anonymous  20may2017(sa)23:06  No.49684  J  P16R14
As expected from a bluepilled faggot.
>>Anonymous  20may2017(sa)23:15  No.49686  K  P17R15

I'm sorry friend but at this point you're being way too obvious.

I bet you actually have a black friend irl

>>Anonymous  22may2017(mo)08:33  No.49733  OP  P18R16
>I'm a poor little victim of cheating so all women are whooooores
Look, jamal, women cheat on inferior males. That's the fact of life. Just accept your fate as the lesser man, you can't win anyway.
Also, I like how you can't argue against the empirically proven fact of women preferring white men, so you resort to some form of strawman ad-hominem.

Not sure what you're implying, but I've got a black fuckbuddy, if that counts as a friend.
If you're calling me a troll, well... I am being a bit hyperbolic, I admit, this is an anonymous image board conversation after all. But there's more truth than jokes in what I say, especially since I have and provide actual data to prove my points.

>>Anonymous  22may2017(mo)12:17  No.49735  L  P19R17
Wow, alot of you sound insecure af.
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)00:19  No.49749  J  P20R18
didn't read lol
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)03:48  No.49756  M  P21
Wait, did OP troll himself in this thread or why that whining?
Everyone implying anything in porn should just die already.
Your fantasies in front of a computer screen won't get you far, OP, go out and conquer all that ethnically divert pussy :^)
And never return.
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)14:41  No.49772  N  P22R19
Ehh, the race stuff stopped being funny a year ago.

It's so overplayed it's just cringe now.

>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)22:27  No.49792  I  P23R20
>empirically proven fact
>'proven' by an okcupid article

the laughs keep coming and they don't stop coming

>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)00:19  No.50303  C  P24R21
The sad part is that some of them are coming out of the basement to proclaim it as fact and have been thinking everyone else was serious about it the whole time. And then adding more descriptors onto the label they give to everyone who disagrees with them.

They'll go away after summer vacation is over at least.

>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)14:30  No.50317  O  P25R22
As the quality of Flashes were scraping the bottom of the barrel, so are the shitposts.
>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)16:25  No.50320  M  P26R23
>What is eternal september?
Don't underestimate the cancer, kiddo.
>>Anonymous  10jun2017(sa)23:00  No.50326  P  P27R24
ITT: autism
summary of the comments:
>>Anonymous  11jun2017(su)03:20  No.50328  Q  P28R25
I'm not racist but i don't really like subhuman races.
>>Get Dunked on  5jul2017(we)16:32  No.50964  R  P29R26
This is a time for Chocolate people and vanilla people to come together and make new breed of people.
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