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>>Anonymous  16may2017(tu)09:23  No.49525  OP  P1
Mega hacked version of simbro

I went in and made some changes. Use the Joker you get from the start and have fun :^)

(similar principles to the rule34bro hack)

simbro-mega-hacked.swf (7.15 MiB)
550x400, Uncompressed. 1 frame, 12 fps (00:00).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)07:37  No.49606  A  P2R1
will you make a hack that adds new features to the game such as more girls and player options?
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)17:35  No.49614  OP  P3R2
Give me some requests. I just made these edits in the swf file by changing a few variables and adding a few simple lines of code. Things like adding more pictures and complex features would require me to get Flash CS 5 so I can export the swf back to a fla and make those changes.
>>Anonymous  19may2017(fr)06:54  No.49638  A  P4R3
Well you could use a flash decompiler to extract the data from the flash to understand where stuff is. But flash CS might be better since it has more features to make/edit flashes.
>>Anonymous  28may2017(su)18:10  No.49922  B  P5R4
>I just made these edits in the swf file
What software did you use?
>>Anonymous  29may2017(mo)22:50  No.49984  C  P6R5

It lets you view and edit the actionscript and the p-code. So I look for things like how it sets the stats, gold, etc, and edited the code accordingly.

>>Anonymous  12jun2017(mo)01:37  No.50350  OP  P7R6
I'm taking requests if anyone wants me to add girls. It's super easy actually.
>>Anonymous  12jun2017(mo)04:43  No.50352  D  P8R7
Mind adding some Sonic the Hedgehog characters in there? Amy, Rogue, Blaze, and Creme are some that come to mind.
I'd do it myself, but I would probably break everything.
>>Anonymous  12jun2017(mo)06:50  No.50358  E  P9R8
trhnaks duide i was having rtouble with the first msison
now i cann get all the PJUSSY
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