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>>Anonymous  13may2017(sa)18:31  No.49438  OP  P1
I finally got all of the colors right this time. I thought I did last time but I'm a fucking idiot. I was still unsatisfied with them after the last edit I made, yet at the same time thought I couldn't do any better, which is why I still uploaded it.

I also fucked with the dick's colors more than I was supposed to when making the original fix for the Daisy version and currently have the "true" version with me, though I'm gonna wait a bit before uploading that one.

I know for a fact SWFchan is gonna end up with several versions of the same fucking flash with very minimal changes just because one retard was being a retard, yet at the same time I really, really wanted to share the "true" version.

The only edit left that I would want to make is putting Peach in the original version of the flash that had the x-rays and no mouse control, however I can't export the original flash as an .FLA file without the flash decompiler crashing or just not actually exporting the file. I know for a fact that there's people who did manage to export it as .FLA since that's how we've been getting different characters, so someone who has more luck than me is gonna have to do it instead.

Again, really really sorry to spam SWFchan with these flashes. I'm a fucking dumbass and just want the proper versions to be archived somewhere.

not_new_peach - mouse - no_x-ray final fix.swf (7.31 MiB)
500x700, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  13may2017(sa)19:04  No.49440  A  P2
The proper version is the original version. You are just a autismal crybaby.
>>Anonymous  13may2017(sa)19:18  No.49441  OP  P3
Whatever hun
>>Anonymous  13may2017(sa)20:10  No.49442  B  P4R1
keep crying bitch nigga
I honestly don't see a difference between this and v2. You might have ocd or something. Still, thanks.
>>Anonymous  13may2017(sa)20:55  No.49444  OP  P5R2
It's the glans' color. It looked really out of place until now, and it was especially noticeable when I would play this flash along with the Rosalina and Daisy versions all at the same time next to eachother.
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