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>>Nanonymous  13may2017(sa)07:02  No.49408  OP  P1
Fritzi0.4.swf (359 KiB)
1024x768, Compressed. 586 frames, 30 fps (00:20).
Ver34, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  13may2017(sa)17:00  No.49436  A  P2R1

S p o o k y

>>Anonymous  14may2017(su)04:20  No.49449  B  P3R2
the glowing morphing dong and overall color choice spooks me considerably, but we're getting somewhere
>>Wut  19may2017(fr)01:20  No.49624  C  P4R3
I don't get it. paywalled?
>>Wut  19may2017(fr)01:20  No.49625  C  P5
I don't get it. This guy is totally unknown and as far as I know this is his only flash (which he's been working on for like 3 months now and barely shows any progress), and he hides his first and only flash behind a paywall? what the fuck?
>>Anonymous  19may2017(fr)02:33  No.49631  D  P6R4
Looks like he commented on this and didn't charge for last month. Seems much more consistant now though. Idk. Idc. Wait for a pirate if you want. It'll be shared sooner or later.
>>Anonymous  20may2017(sa)06:58  No.49669  A  P7R5
t. Closeted homosexual.

There's literally nothing wrong with liking a little penis.

>>Anonymous  20may2017(sa)07:08  No.49670  E  P8
t. full-blown "I'm like, LITERALLY sucking off LITERALLY 100 guys LITERALLY every day" faggot, with no reading comprehension
>>Anonymous  20may2017(sa)09:38  No.49671  A  P9
God I love this website :D
>>Anonymous  20may2017(sa)10:11  No.49673  E  P10R6
It isn't reciprocated, move on.
>>Anonymous  21may2017(su)03:44  No.49692  A  P11R7
At least be honest.
>>Anonymous  21may2017(su)09:24  No.49701  E  P12
Yeah, you should really start being honest with yourself.
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