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>>Anonymous  12may2017(fr)19:10  No.49395  OP  P1
Alice and the Cursed Castle

This is part one.
Got this from a Russian site, probably gave my computer AIDS.

Part two here: html ment%20fixed2).swf.html

Now, part 3 (The Pussy Eating Cave) must be found...
(Although I suspect it is still in development).

alice_and_the_cursed_castle.swf (14.53 MiB)
1024x768, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver11, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  12may2017(fr)20:28  No.49399  A  P2R1
Lmao the part where she enters the castle causes the game to just derp the fuck out.
>>Anonymous  14may2017(su)16:25  No.49465  B  P3R2
10/10 ending

took me a while to use the bottle on me and then use it on me again

>>Anonymous  14may2017(su)16:25  No.49466  B  P4
took me a while to use the bottle on me and then use it on me again

but the ending is 10/10

>>Anonymous  14may2017(su)16:26  No.49467  B  P5
welp fuck me as well
>>Anonymous  14may2017(su)16:28  No.49468  OP  P6R3
Yeah, some serious bad code in that part. I had better luck opening it with a flash projector. Even then, I had to wait a few seconds before clicking anywhere on the caslte door screen, otherwise it goes full retard.
The knight in the castle is awesome tho.

Before anyone asks what a projector is: ownloads.html
1) Save executable, put it wherever you keep programs.
2) Save .swf
3) Get to 'open with' dialogue (Usually by right click on .swf file)
4) Browse for Projector executable. Select it.
5) ???
6) Profit.

>>Anonymous  17may2017(we)08:39  No.49562  C  P7R4
Wow, I feel retarded. I got the tool box then looked all around the castle for something to use it of forgetting entirely about the car. lol.

Anyway, are the sink and fridge just complete red herrings or is there some way you can do something with them that I missed? I'm aware you can beat the game without doing anything with them.

>>Anonymous  17may2017(we)11:00  No.49567  D  P8R5
im retarded and cant even seem to get past the badger
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)05:41  No.49597  C  P9R6
here's a walkthrough based solely on my memory from playing last night:
>there's some corn lying on the ground, fuck yourself with it and give it to the badger.
>go to the door and get fucked by the flowers a couple times until they stop covering the door and walk in.
>you will find a bottle with blue liquid somewhere, use it on yourself, then use the empty bottle on yourself again to get a cum bottle.
>you will find a bust of yourself, give the cum bottle to the bust and a secret door will open.
>behind that door,you will find a chastity belt. put it on
>go upstairs and to the left, the knight cant fuck you if you're earing the chastity belt
>get the tool box and walk back to the car.
>a winner is you
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)05:45  No.49598  E  P10R7
Great. Now what do I do once the game has loaded?
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)06:37  No.49602  C  P11R8
find the damn corn
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)06:53  No.49603  E  P12R9
AGAIN?! Then why the fuck did you have me run around the house for hours doing all this bullshit in the first place?
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)07:00  No.49604  C  P13R10
>once the game has loaded
If you got the toolbox, go back to the car
>>Anonymous  18may2017(th)07:02  No.49605  C  P14
Oh, holy shit I just got the joke. Sorry, I'm retarded.
>>Anonymous  20may2017(sa)06:55  No.49667  F  P15R11
>He doesn't like it
Now he like it
>>Anonymous  27may2017(sa)15:51  No.49890  G  P16R12
That was fucking hilarious,

Buggy as shit, but not that bad a game in all honesty.
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