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>>Anonymous  6may2017(sa)02:06  No.49160  OP  P1

Moonspeakers translate cause you know it

osage.swf (15.91 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver34, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  6may2017(sa)13:39  No.49173  A  P2R1
I feel retarded... Can't get past main menu
>>Anonymous  7may2017(su)05:58  No.49201  B  P3R2
>he didn't spent three years learning nipponese
kek what a loser u r
>>Anonymous  7may2017(su)09:50  No.49204  C  P4R3
dude, did you even fucking TRY to use the arrow keys? this menu is the only japanese in the game and it doesnt even tell you how to move.
>>Anonymous  7may2017(su)09:54  No.49205  D  P5R4
Z, X it's all in the mind
If you arrow keys I think you'll find
You'll move around
>>Shrek  7may2017(su)11:06  No.49206  E  P6R5
Yep i still remember the good ol days of nes gaming, spartan x/kung fu master was the shit back then


>>Anonymous  7may2017(su)13:04  No.49209  F  P7R6
>>Anonymous  17jun2017(sa)05:24  No.50455  G  P8R7
Porny beat em ups will always be fun
>>Anonymous  17jun2017(sa)07:18  No.50457  H  P9R8
I legit can't get past the first stage. Help?
>>Anonymous  17jun2017(sa)08:00  No.50458  I  P10R9
Get fucking good. All you have to do is mash Z or X to attack the people coming at you while moving to the right or left (the direction you're supposed to move in alternates between right and left). Make sure to duck to attack the midgets and close the distance between you and the knife throwers.
Game is ok, but when you beat it it just repeats.
How do you unlock that muteki/infinite mode?
>>Anonymous  19jun2017(mo)17:44  No.50532  J  P11R10
>4th level boss
>unavoidable high damage ranged attacks

 annoyed .png

>>Anonymous  20jun2017(tu)16:26  No.50549  K  P12R11
>Rule 16, anon
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