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>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  25apr2017(tu)16:43  No.48742  SWF  P1
Health changes

Flash threads now start with 50 health. When someone posts his first reply the thread gains 5 health (capped at 100). Multiple replies by the same IP won't give additional health unless the thread is below 10 HP, then 1 health is given per reply. Double posts still does not count as replies btw, though they still bump the thread as before.

When someone posts his first sage in the thread it loses 5 health. However sage does not reduce health below 10. Thyme now counts as regular replies, only they don't give health and doesn't bump the thread. So use thyme in the mail field if you want to post in a thread without harming it and without drawing attention to it. Use sage if you want to kill the thread. If you both sage and post normally the thread will end up going +/- 0 HP from you.

Thread age is no longer taken into account when reducing health, instead they constantly lose health over time if the board is overpopulated. The rate is 1 HP per day so 50 health means the thread has 50 days left. Threads on boards under their limit have their health frozen and then resumes losing health at the fixed rate once a new thread is created.

The system no longer checks how many threads a IP has created so you can now upload as many flashes as you'd like without reducing the health of your old ones.

Finally I've hidden the [G]ame tag on /fap/ and [L]oop tag on /swf/ because they were sometimes used incorrectly and other times not used when they should have been. Posting on the correct board will have to suffice.

Let's see how this goes! Maybe the health loss per day needs to be adjusted or maybe it's fine. If you notice something strange going on with a thread's health please report to me by posting about it in this thread, I had to dig through some pretty rusty code for these changes so it's not impossible that I've overlooked something.

>>memewer  30mar2018(fr)14:26  No.58327  A  P2R1


>>Anonymous  30mar2018(fr)20:02  No.58337  B  P3R2
>that moment when I realized OP's message is 1 year old and someone just spam bumped the thread from the dead
>>Anonymous  15aug2018(we)18:02  No.61754  C  P4R3
>when the rules page still says you have to use the [G] and [L] tags on their respective boards
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