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>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)00:29  No.48700  OP  P1
you know it's bad when the maker of the flash urges you to not watch it

dragoness puppy fun 2.0.swf (1.19 MiB)
1000x800, Compressed. 1241 frames, 24 fps (00:52).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)01:52  No.48708  A  P2R1
Then why did you upload it?
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)03:04  No.48712  OP  P3R2
for shits and giggles, these things are great
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)03:08  No.48713  B  P4R3
OP makes a valid point. :^)
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)03:53  No.48715  C  P5R4
WTF is this shit. Its awful.
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)03:57  No.48716  B  P6R5
Come for the metaphorical shit, stay for the literal shit, and then contemplate why you even came here in the first place.
That's life for ya.
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)05:47  No.48718  D  P7R6
Well this was def not fappable, so why is it even in here? unless you like your poop and blood covered fury dicks. I realize some people find that interesting but i would vague that is a rather small crowd.
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)09:42  No.48722  E  P8R7
it's the crowd you're in right now, fella
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)21:57  No.48758  F  P9R8
First, there are topics that graphically you see all over the internet, but there are others that one would not want to touch or see in a casual way.

Internet has its good and bad things.


>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)22:23  No.48759  B  P10R9
That's true actually.
I was just shitposting however. (Get it? Gee, tough crowd.)
>>Shrek  26apr2017(we)04:14  No.48767  G  P11R10
By the looks of it, even hardcore furries wouldn't fap to raped puppy dogs. That's just nasty
>>Anonymous  26apr2017(we)06:07  No.48769  H  P12R11
Furfags will defend this.
>>Anonymous  26apr2017(we)15:50  No.48790  B  P13R12
Because making generalizations about people we don't know about is still as dank as it was before. :^) Feel free to crawl back to /pol/ while you're at it, cuck.

Well, yeah. This is too extreme, even for me.

>>Anonymous  26apr2017(we)16:41  No.48794  I  P14R13
>>Anonymous  28apr2017(fr)07:23  No.48883  H  P15R14
Like I said, furfags will defend this. -anal-anal_penetration-animated-bdsm

>>Anonymous  29apr2017(sa)19:01  No.48957  J  P16R15
My biggest problem with this is the sole testicle on an outer side of the leg.
>>Anonymous  3may2017(we)06:41  No.49078  K  P17R16

True, you never gave a specific number. No doubt, people think you're clever.

>>Dusty_Wings  9may2017(tu)22:03  No.49283  L  P18R17
credit where it's due.

Feel free to give the owner credit:

Plus they have a warning because of the downvotes from faggots that can't handle this stuff.

>>Anonymous  17may2017(we)19:17  No.49576  M  P19R18
furfag here, this shit is fucking disgusting.
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