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>>Anonymous  20apr2017(th)19:14  No.48520  OP  P1
Whatever happened to this guy?

Zu's Rear Guard.swf (1.8 MiB)
1020x800, Compressed. 7 frames, 15 fps (00:00).
Ver7, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  20apr2017(th)20:13  No.48521  A  P2R1
Please tell me he gave up on anal and will do pussy from now on.
>>Anonymous  20apr2017(th)21:55  No.48522  B  P3R2
"This guy" named "Rock Candy", suffers from PTSD ever since he saw a girls vagina back in his early childhood. He stuck with anal ever since and isn't sure whether he's even gay or not.
>>Anonymous  20apr2017(th)22:09  No.48523  C  P4R3
>stuck with anal
He's gay, case closed.
Phew that was difficult, now it's time for a vacation.
>>Anonymous  20apr2017(th)22:35  No.48524  D  P5R4

First I thought it was just a meme, but it's real.
It's really odd how can someone can be so autismal about pussy.

I can't even imagine how ugly and rotten and STD-ridden this pussy was, I can only feel sorry for him.

>>Anonymous  20apr2017(th)23:35  No.48525  E  P6R5
He's still around. The place he usually posts his stuff is down so he posts his stuff at his furaffinty here

He's been drawing vaginal more and more of late so that's not really true.

>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)00:13  No.48526  F  P7R6
No, he got more lenient. He's definitely more anal focused, but he giving more pussy nowadays.
>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)00:18  No.48527  OP  P8R7
Seems pretty empty there, do you need to be logged in to see porn?

Any new flashes?

>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)00:29  No.48531  E  P9R8
Yeah you need to be logged in to see most of it. no flashes though.
>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)00:32  No.48532  OP  P10R9
Alright, he's dead to me then.
>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)02:27  No.48533  G  P11R10
>>48522 27040/photo/1

seems pretty fucking gay to me

>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)04:12  No.48535  OP  P12R11
I can't believe how open he is. I wish I had the guts (shamelessness?) and friends to be myself all the time. He is literally mixing drawn horse cock porn with IRL selfies of himself on twitter.

Btw on 24:th of March he wrote "Can you draw? Want to see Ellie taking horsedick up her ass in a flash?" so maybe he is still doing porn flashes after all. Makes me wonder if there's anything recent that we might have missed.

>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)04:56  No.48540  H  P13R12
He has crippling autism, he is basically like Chris-Chan only no one has even began trolling him yet. I think there is a lot of potential there.

What you are about to see may mentally and emotionally scar you for life. You have been warned.

>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)04:59  No.48541  H  P14
Also, this flash wasn't made by Rock Candy. It was made by a copycat.
>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)08:19  No.48547  I  P15R13
>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)15:33  No.48559  J  P16R14
The dude still does flashes but barely. Like 1-2 times a year now. Furthermore he strings his fans along every week promising that "progress has been made" and that "[insert shit here] is nearly done." Of course nothing ever comes out of it and he always ends up making childish excuses for his laziness and autism. Excuses so childish that they're insulting to any normal person's intelligence. Luckily his fan base is also autistic so they eat that shit up... every... fucking... week!

When he finally can't think of an excuse and is due for a site update, his site conveniently "goes down"... just like it has now. Last I checked he can't even be bothered to draw his own shit anymore. He's asking fans to draw it so he can animate it.

>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)16:13  No.48562  K  P17R15
Rock Candy's been around a long, long time. You're not going to get very far with lolcow milking, any laughs presented now are deliberately provided. He's self-aware about being a strange fag, while people like Chris-Chan or Jin stumble into their autism, and can't help but leave it everywhere. A casual glance at his twitter and you should also notice another major difference or two.
>>Anonymous  22apr2017(sa)09:04  No.48579  H  P18R16
Whatever, RC.
>>Anonymous  22apr2017(sa)17:57  No.48588  L  P19R17
He posts most of his stuff on his site at He takes a long time to make a flash but draws stuff pretty often.

That said at the time of writing this the site's down because the server he hosts it on had fans die or something and he recently took a vacation to Japan.

>>Anonymous  22apr2017(sa)22:52  No.48596  M  P20R18
This anon is right when it comes to RockCandy's laziness he takes it to a whole new level even when he fucks up on a flash and put gore in it he does a half ass apology to his fans and say he will "fix" it but come on this guy got some serious issues.
>>Rock Candy  23apr2017(su)08:56  No.48611  N  P21R19
It's fanmade, it's not trying to be a copycat.

Is it you again, going around spreading misinformation?

The project I'm working on now became very bloated, and difficult to code. At this point it's more like a 4 in 1 flash. It is going to take a while to finish all of the animation, get sound effects and hope my collaborating coder doesn't give up on me. I'd really like to make something short inbetween, but that'll only delay this project even more. So it's a "pick your poison" type of situation.

Working with porn has made me pretty open to many fetishes and whatnot. I have my limits, but I don't mind a little gore. I think it's interesting on a psychological level, when it comes to the characters involved. And since I can tell reality from fiction, I don't really see a problem here.

The reason I first hated it, was probably because me being an asspie and it's stupid popular. I like butts more myself, so that triggers my asspieness. I didn't even see a vagina in real life until I was like in my late teens, and it was at that point I realised I should just stick to making porn.
Really though, do you really find those pink hanging beef things attractive whatsoever? I can get behind the innie types, but the vagina in general is fucking ugly. Luckily, you can beautify them as you please when drawing them.

Whatever you think of me, I want to make my flashes as interesting and good as they can be. It takes some time, and I'm not a fast worker. But I try to be open about progress but at the same time, I don't want to spoil it all before it can be played.

And ye, the arts for additional Ellie scenes is still a thing. I'll consider doing an option for pussy pounding if the art allows for it. I doubt anybody here are artists themselves though, seems to be mostly complainers and speculators in true chan fashion, hoahao.

>>Anonymous  23apr2017(su)13:41  No.48623  J  P22R20
>Is it you again,

The fuck are you on about?

>spreading misinformation?

You mean truth? You immediately proved my point by making up excuses in the next paragraph.

>>Anonymous  23apr2017(su)15:10  No.48629  H  P23R21
Admit it, your new flash will end like Zu triple did.
It will be like Zu triple 2: electric boogaloo
>>Rock Candy  23apr2017(su)16:04  No.48632  N  P24R22
Hoahoa, I suppose it isn't then. I'm sure you'll blindly believe what you've made up no matter what I say, anyway.

Hopefully not. If that turns out to be the case, I can split the dofferent parts and release them separately, since only one part of it is of complicated nature.

>>Anonymous  23apr2017(su)23:27  No.48642  OP  P25R23
As long as you're still doing flash you're good in my book! Good to still see you around.
>>Anonymous  24apr2017(mo)07:53  No.48673  O  P26R24
Rock Candy, stay assured, you're one of my most favorite flash porn artists ever, and I feel honored by your alledged existance on this board.
>>Rock Candy  24apr2017(mo)08:53  No.48683  N  P27R25
Good to hear. I'll just say that, it'll probably take quite some time before I'm finished with this project. So don't go expecting anything to be released soon.

Neat, I always feel that I can't keep up with others these days.

>>Anonymous  24apr2017(mo)10:51  No.48685  P  P28R26
>not liking some nice hanging roastbeef pussy lips

What are you, gay?

>>Anonymous  24apr2017(mo)15:08  No.48687  J  P29R27

He's too far he gone smh. Also this is what I mean by his fans eating his shit up. They're now here defending him ffs. Well unless he is samefagging.

>>Rock Candy  24apr2017(mo)22:37  No.48694  N  P30R28
Nobody defended me. They just stated their opinion.
>>Anonymous  24apr2017(mo)23:57  No.48696  G  P31R29
it's not weird that you prefer innies, m8. all sane fellas do. that's why /fap/ has so many autistic roastie flashes.
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)00:45  No.48703  Q  P32R30
>being this autistic about free internet porn
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)13:50  No.48729  J  P33R31
That's so stupid I'm not even going to bother. Look I was here just to spread awareness, not argue. The fact you decided you come out of hiding here to argue with an anon is just... *poof* mind blown. I'm sick of listening to this autistic screeching so good day :)
>>Anonymous  25apr2017(tu)14:32  No.48731  R  P34R32

Let's hope and pray that the voice actors don't bail on you like that Halloween flash.

Perfect chance of hearing the sounds of a shota getting the dick and he fucking pussies out at the last minute

>>Rock Candy  25apr2017(tu)23:07  No.48761  N  P35R33
Oi, tell me about it. I've actually had the creator of said infamous flash on my throat for a while. She even wrote fanfiction about my characters doing similiar things.

are you stupid consciously or not? It's difficult to tell, but I'm suspecting the latter.

Yeah, that sucked.
I'll need four different voices this time around, but I hope it wont turn out problematic. I want this project to be good, so I wouldn't want to release it without voiceclips for each girl.
I've already got one set done, and I think she did a pretty good job.

>>Anonymous  26apr2017(we)06:08  No.48771  S  P36R34
>the vagina in general is fucking ugly

Sure, and anuses are like beautiful flowers. Particularly, those flowers that smell like rotten meat to attract flies.
Seriously dude, you can just admit you're gay, we won't care, there's nothing wrong with being gay.

>>Rock Candy  26apr2017(we)08:54  No.48776  N  P37R35
I go only by what things look like. Smell and other things can be fixed as you like when you draw things. So yes, the anus is a beautiful flower.
If you can't put those things like smell aside then it's your problem that you like stinky butts, not mine. It's not real. It's fantasy. I bet you don't imagine the negative parts about vaginas when you fap to those.

What's with that logic anyway? If you like anything that isn't exclusively vagina you're gay? That doesn't leave much room for anything but pure vanilla.

>>Anonymous  27apr2017(th)07:57  No.48825  T  P38R36
Where do you find your voice actors?

and thanks for the fantastic flash's homie, your shit is some of the best to fap to in the rest of this shithole

>>Rock Candy  27apr2017(th)08:44  No.48827  N  P39R37
Well, randomly on the internet, really. Sometimes they approach me.
I have not looked for any more yet, I usually do so when all the main animation is done. So where I'll find voiceactors for the remaining girls I don't know yet.
>>Anonymous  27apr2017(th)09:06  No.48828  U  P40R38
I just wanted to say, hey RC, I've been a fan of your stuff for a long time, and if it really is you, it's cool to meet you man. Have a nice day, and keep up the good work!
>>Anonymous  27apr2017(th)15:11  No.48849  V  P41R39
>happening to forget flowers actually look like vaginas but sure man whatever
>>Rock Candy  27apr2017(th)22:00  No.48861  N  P42R40
Nice to meet you too. Let's hope I'll get a flash out this year, eh?

Not all flowers look the same. There are ugly flowers too!

>>Anonymous  28apr2017(fr)00:55  No.48869  V  P43R41
>"So yes, the anus is a flower."
>>Anonymous  28apr2017(fr)02:52  No.48872  W  P44R42
Why are you here instead of working?
And more importantly,how do we know you're not just somebody using the name?
>>Anonymous  28apr2017(fr)07:23  No.48884  X  P45R43
Don't listen to those faggots rock, you're still cool in my book. Good lucl with that new flash of yours. Ganbare Roku-san.
>>Rock Candy  28apr2017(fr)11:11  No.48889  N  P46R44
Not literally!

Because I get tired of working on flash sometimes.
I don't know. But I suppose I could prove it easily if I needed to.

I don't even know what that means, but ye thanks!

>>Anonymous  28apr2017(fr)17:35  No.48902  Y  P47R45

I just want to jerk off to a horse fucking a catgirl. Is that so much to ask?

>>Rock Candy  28apr2017(fr)17:44  No.48903  N  P48R46
Well the thing is, I'm making horse fuck more than 1 catgirl. And I want it to look good. So it is going to take quite some time.
>>Anonymous  28apr2017(fr)23:06  No.48910  Z  P49R47
Love how now this has become Rock Candys own twitter response feed for his attraction to certain orifices
>>Anonymous  29apr2017(sa)17:51  No.48953  AA  P50R48
Glad to see a sign of life from you i would like to thank you for creating such awesome animations and pictures
>>Anonymous  1may2017(mo)14:02  No.49018  AB  P51R49
I just want the music sauce.
>>Rock Candy  1may2017(mo)17:34  No.49022  N  P52R50
Ye, I admit I'm not the best at communicating sometimes. But now is back up again, finally.

Music source is Zu's old theme song, Not A Care For the World.
I don't think there's downloadable anywhere, but I suppose I could share it if you're interested enough.

>>Anonymous  1may2017(mo)18:26  No.49023  AC  P53R51
I get that you're working hard on your flash and all, but the guy earlier that said you were just being lazy and having other people draw your flash that you've been procrastinating on for nearly a year was not incorrect.
>>Rock Candy  1may2017(mo)19:53  No.49026  N  P54R52
The drawing part is very small part of the entire process. I'm offering an additional scene for a base. I don't see how that can be held against me.
>>Anonymous  1may2017(mo)20:07  No.49027  AD  P55R53
his website, is back up 0u0
>>Anonymous  4may2017(th)22:08  No.49119  X  P56
"Ganbare" is weeaboo speak, a cross between the sentiments of 'good luck' and the meaning of 'give it your all'.
>>Anonymous  6may2017(sa)12:13  No.49170  O  P57R54
wouldn't that be "ganbatte"?
>>Anonymous  8may2017(mo)05:09  No.49235  AE  P58R55
ganbare is a command == 'do well!', ganbatte would be used as 'ganbatte kudasai' == 'please do well'
>>Tengil  9may2017(tu)00:47  No.49254  AF  P59R56
All makt åt Rock Candy, vår befriare!
>>Anonymous  9may2017(tu)19:59  No.49275  AG  P60R57
>being this insecure
>>Anonymous  9may2017(tu)20:09  No.49277  C  P61R58
>being this gay
>>Anonymous  9may2017(tu)20:53  No.49282  OP  P62R59
Upload the mp3 in dog
>>Rock Candy  10may2017(we)00:03  No.49293  N  P63R60
Here you go: >>>49292
>>Anonymous  10may2017(we)10:05  No.49311  OP  P64R61
>>Anonymous  23jun2017(fr)12:49  No.50622  AH  P65R62
>gee i wonder how in the fuck a rc flash get so much replies
>scroll down
Oh lawd. Bad move, man
>>Anonymous  24jun2017(sa)13:40  No.50637  AI  P66R63
Viewer Beware, You're In For A Scare

You think only the pussy looks bad? Wait until you see it laid out bare in dissection. Go to anatomy class and see a vaginal and anal tube (pardon the terrible misterminology) laid out in front of you. Then see the human mouth dissected. Whatever you fear about pussies is about a hundred times worse for just about all of the human body in general. Those organs are terrifying on anything, but at the end of the day I still get off to porn. Once I've gotten off about half a dozen times or so for that day the temporary desire for porn or sex is gone and only the ugly truth remains.

>>Anonymous  24jun2017(sa)16:32  No.50641  J  P67R64
>>Anonymous  25jun2017(su)05:05  No.50650  AJ  P68R65
So is there an ETA on your next flash?
>>Rock Candy  25jun2017(su)14:35  No.50671  N  P69R66
The difference is that you don't need to dissect a vagina to see how ugly it is.

At the end of the year? Maybe? There's still a lot to do, I have no idea how long it'll take. Been pretty busy during the summer as well.

>>Anonymous  26jun2017(mo)07:34  No.50684  AK  P70R67
Rock Candy, you're a cool dude. Good luck with whatever the hell you're working on!

I keep on thinking I'll get around to finishing a game or a dozen other creative projects I've started, but instead I just end up getting caught up in home improvement or other dull crap =P.

>>Anonymous  26jun2017(mo)09:56  No.50689  AL  P71R68
So, just to recap, author is dead?
>>Anonymous  26jun2017(mo)12:30  No.50692  AM  P72R69

No, just the Gayest who love stinky shitholes, but vomits near a pussy.

In all these years of internet, I never saw such overwhelming homosexuality that this gayest unironically saying a pussy is more disgusting that a place who smell like shit and is used for expelling shit. Even this is manlier:

>>Rock Candy  26jun2017(mo)13:28  No.50693  N  P73R70
It's like a 4-in-1 flash. I started out with only one part, but added more stuff to it.
Here's a concept for the main menu: 20Menu.png
I'm finished with two animationwise, but I lack soundeffects, voiceacting and coding for all of the parts right now. But I want to finish the animations first before I go get that.

I'm right here.

Why so mad, tho?

>>Anonymous  26jun2017(mo)17:41  No.50695  AN  P74R71
>Arguing about which virtual fuckhole is better to fap, too.

Some guys are nuts, just stick to what you like and stop shitposting about your opinions and how better they supposedly are.
(Hint Hint, every opinion is shit)

>>Anonymous  26jun2017(mo)18:02  No.50696  AO  P75R72
He ain't dead, he's just one of the laziest persons on Earth.
Which is understandable, when you have to work on fucking porn games.
>>Anonymous  18jul2017(tu)02:09  No.51393  AP  P76R73
RC, I like that you've found this thread and engaged with the people both fans and critics. Hundreds of thousands of people have viewed you work so it's cool to see you on such a open forum (literally and internet forum, LOL).

You seem to be a smart and intelligent guy. Whatever mental issues you claim aside, I know there is a cultural difference as well that not everyone gets. I appreciate much of your work (i fap to some of it sometimes) and I want to state that there are many people out there that have anal fetishes. "Anal" was the 9th most common search on PornHub in 2015, and over half the porn movies produced today have anal sex. So don't listen to the loudest few that complain about your flash being primarily anal. Most people like anal...

Regarding your "laziness," I was an artist for many, many years, and produced quality flash animations for a few years. I know what it takes. I know animation takes patience, discipline, and an incredibly lot more time then drawing alone. Even worse is reliance on other people to help you produce. I once had a coder disappear and my main voice talent resign not only from my project but their entire acting career. When that happened I lost hundreds of work hours and had to cancel that project..

Those hours are valuable when your're an adult and your free time is limited. I would have maybe 5-6 hours of free time from the time i got off work until I needed to go to sleep. I went to the gym, ran errands, cooked food, cleaned myself up, and maybe took care of my house. After all that I had maybe 2 - 2.5 hours to draw/animate/write, or play games, or go do social things with my friends or significant other.

So don't be bothered by untalented plebs. The masses always hunger for better content, more frequently, their way, and without paying for it.

Keep your art your hobby and enjoy your life. Meanwhile the real audience will be here and presently surprised when new work by you pops up.


>>Rock Candy  19jul2017(we)10:10  No.51479  N  P77R74
Thank you for the kind words. It is nice to get some understanding from time to time, hoahoa. I want to make my flashes as good as possible and it sure isn't easy when you have to depend on other people to do coding and sound, as you say. I won't deny that I'm lazy, but it's not like I'm intentionally procastinating my project either.

Sucks to hear that you had to cancel your project, dude. I bet it would have been a good flash. I'm going to make sure mine is at least decent, even if it is going to take a good time to finish it.

>>Anonymous  19jul2017(we)15:00  No.51487  AQ  P78R75

Wait. He's real?

Was wondering when he'd come back.

>>Anonymous  20jul2017(th)11:25  No.51524  AR  P79R76
>TFW some fucking autist starts ranting and raving because the free porn he wants to fap to isn't coming out fast enough.
>TFW that same autist accuses the creator of being gay because he can't deal with his own sexual insecurities

Damn, dude. calm down. I've been a RC fan for a while and the dude has always just seemed super chill and laid back. He just makes the artwork for himself and then he's cool enough to share it for free. Saying he's lazy or makes excuses doesn't make any sense because he doesn't owe you anything. He doesn't do Patreon, so it isn't like he's taking your money.

TL;DR fuck money, get catgirls
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