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>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)22:38  No.48338  OP  P1
Fixed version

bedspring-bonanza-fixed.swf (442.8 KiB)
550x400, Compressed. 861 frames, 12 fps (01:12).
Ver7, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)22:51  No.48340  A  P2R1
You missed the eyes, the lips, the nipples and the fur.
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)00:09  No.48343  B  P3R2
No no no OP, you made it worse!

Though for some reason the unrealistic pretty eyes is a strange contrast that brings beauty in a way, I'll admit.

>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)01:30  No.48344  C  P4R3

Not quite.

Also, her torso and her arms are off-color, and, more importantly, the guy is still black.

Fix those and you got yourself some nice ebony porn.

>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)01:52  No.48345  D  P5R4
What are you editing it with? Are you just using Sothink Decompiler
or real Flash authoring software?
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)06:13  No.48352  E  P6R5
Not op but I'm just wondering, I use SoThink but it's crappy. What's better alternative?
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)11:11  No.48363  F  P7R6
the lols keep coming and they don't stop coming
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)11:34  No.48364  G  P8R7
Shitskin on shitskin. What's the problem?
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)14:57  No.48368  H  P9R8

Good job missing the point you retards.

>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)18:10  No.48374  E  P10R9
Guys stop circle jerking, I asked a question. What's a better alternative to SoThink?
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)22:33  No.48377  I  P11R10
Decompile with sothink, edit with flash.
If anything is missing, extract with ffdec as svg and convert to emf with inkscape.
That's what I do.
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)23:04  No.48378  J  P12R11
Make one with Bonzi Buddy.
>>Anonymous  17apr2017(mo)00:51  No.48383  K  P13R12

Except I want to hatefuck a She-BonziBuddy.
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