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>>Anonymous  3mar2017(fr)08:00  No.44781  OP  P1

How does your captcha work? is it something you wrote or a service you have as well?

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3mar2017(fr)15:49  No.44792  SWF  P2R1
Made it myself for swfchan. ImageMagick is used to generate the final image.
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)18:43  No.49785  B  P3R2
I don't know if this info in any way useful, but I just had a comment post even though I filled in the captcha wrong.
>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)18:44  No.49786  B  P4
Happened when posting this one too. It seems I can just write whatever and it'll still go through.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  23may2017(tu)20:11  No.49788  SWF  P5R3
On .org there's a bit of a grace period where you can choose to fill in a captcha to immediately get more credits for comments, or you can choose to skip filling in the captcha until you absolutely have to. It's a way for the system to say "heads up, you need to fill in a captcha soon, wanna get it out of the way right now?".

I think the original idea was to reduce the chance of people posting a reply and then close the tab without noticing that they needed to fill in a captcha (since most people are used to entering the captcha at the same time they make their post, not afterwards). It makes for a little higher chance of having a credit buffer.

Another reasoning for the "grace period" is that it saves a bit of time; as it is now you can enter the next captcha while the server is working so when you have finished the post might already be displayed. Otherwise you'd have to first fill in the captcha and only then the system can start processing the post, increasing the delay between submit and display.

>>Anonymous  23may2017(tu)21:01  No.49790  B  P6R4
I've just never had that happen before, if I fail it has always just asked me for the captcha again.
I have used it several times, if I've changed my mind and didn't want to comment anyway, I would simply not fill in the captcha and just return later, the comment wasn't posted.

Anyways, I'm sorry for wasting your time.

>>Anonymous  18jun2017(su)01:56  No.50476  C  P7R5
For me, the catchpa box does not show up at all. Whatever I put into the box, it says it's incorrect.
>>Anonymous  18jun2017(su)01:57  No.50477  C  P8
Im using Firefox, btw.
>>Anonymous  18jun2017(su)04:06  No.50486  D  P9R6
Tried disabling Adblock Addons?
It seems now that common Adblockers (uBlock), etc. block swfchan assets, like the captcha image.
Had to disable the Addon completely.
Swfchan also rests now on the EasyList (adblock black list).
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  18jun2017(su)06:53  No.50490  SWF  P10R7
Damn, didn't realize they have started blocking the domains of the actual site itself. That's overkill, I don't serve any ads directly so just blocking the domains of the ad providers should be enough. Maybe someone added the swfchan domains just out of spite for flash, feelsbadman.jpg
>>Anonymous  22jun2017(th)05:36  No.50582  E  P11R8
easylist is being retarded and needs someone from the site to bitch at them to remove the filter
>>Anonymous  22jun2017(th)06:25  No.50586  E  P12
Disabling easylist seems to fix some strange behavior I was getting on the site before, like spamming popups every time anything was clicked including empty space.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22jun2017(th)11:59  No.50595  SWF  P13R9
I just made a thread on their forum:
It needs to be approved by a moderator before appearing. Hopefully they will allow me to state my case.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  22jun2017(th)13:38  No.50601  SWF  P14
It has been approved: 7
If anybody want to help out expediting the issue you can register over there and post a comment so that the thread gets more attention.
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