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>>Anonymous  3dec2016(sa)01:16  No.41670  OP  P1
Fix Site

Every swf I want to see nothing happens & it doesn't load too. Can you fix this site please.

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3dec2016(sa)03:15  No.41673  SWF  P2R1
On what domain? Anybody else experiencing problems with downloading flashes?
>>Anonymous  4dec2016(su)01:17  No.41709  OP  P3R2
On the .com site's page, after I click Get File I get the orange square, & on the bottom it shows Off 0%.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  4dec2016(su)09:10  No.41714  SWF  P4R3
Does some flashes work or does it always not load? There are three subdomains: files1, files2 and files3, if you uncheck the embed option before pressing GET FILE and hover over the download link you can see which one of those three doesn't work for you. If it's files2 or files3 (usually is for the most popular flashes) you'll also get a smaller files1 option below the main download link when unchecking embed, then you can try downloading the flash from two places.
>>Anonymous  10dec2016(sa)06:03  No.41911  OP  P5R4
Here's a swf that doesn't load -+Animated+Practice+5+by+LoccoMocha+%28TentaclePen etration%29.swf
>>Anonymous  10dec2016(sa)15:52  No.41920  B  P6

Client-side. Here works fine.
Perhaps a anti-virus/firewall is blocking swf from loading.

>>Anonymous  30dec2016(fr)00:54  No.42809  OP  P7
Here's another swf that also doesn't work. ia+Girl+Sex.swf

>>Anonymous  30dec2016(fr)12:42  No.42820  C  P8R5
Works fine, just like all the other files you've posted.
>>Anonymous  30dec2016(fr)17:59  No.42865  D  P9R6
Are download speeds extreeeeemely slow for anyone else?
>>Anonymous  30dec2016(fr)18:00  No.42866  C  P10R7
Can confirm.
>>Anonymous  26may2017(fr)20:35  No.49871  E  P11R8
The downloads are slow but if you're using chrome swf just wont work anymore. You gotta turn off "prefer html5 over flash" in some debug menu. Just google it and it'll tell you.
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